The Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers Trailer Is Weird And Bizarre
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The Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers Trailer Is Weird And Bizarre, And We’re Here For It!

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BY February 18, 2022

More of millennials’ childhood returns with the Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer. The new feature film from Disney is reviving an amazingly popular 90’s animated TV series. The golden era of Disney cartoons that 90’s kids grew up with is seeing an apparent resurgence. This Rescue Rangers live-action reboot just dropped a trailer, and it’s a weird one. While my initial reaction was off-putting, the more I watch the trailer and the more I’m looking at the approach of this new movie, the more I’m beginning to see its potential. So let’s take a look at this new trailer for the Rescue Rangers on Disney+

Who Are Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers?

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer Jack. Image via Disney+.

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers was a highly popular animated series that premiered in 1989. The show was part of an afternoon programming block on what eventually would become the Fox network. Accompanying other iconic kid’s programming like Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and Talespin, Rescue Rangers were all the rage. So much so, that The Rescue Rangers on Disney+ was one of the streamer’s leading properties when they launched. And now, it looks like we’ll be getting a brand new Rescue Rangers live-action reboot, which is surprising.

The original TV series featured animated chipmunks who were a detective agency. The lead duo of Chip and Dale were the founding members, along with an additional supporting cast. The muscle was Monterey Jack, a large fella with a cheese addiction. And the brains and mechanic was Gadget, a resourceful female chipmunk. Their sidekick was Zipper, a tiny housefly. The Rangers got into various adventures and tiny-sized hijinks. The show was most popular for being part of a block of programming that all featured cutesy animals in human situations. And it was all just great. Chip was the Indiana Jones-like leader, while Dale was the more laid-back and immature one. The dynamic of the main cast helped make the show so popular. And it looks like all those elements were retained in the Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer.

The Rescue Rangers Live-Action Reboot Looks Is Just Plain Weird

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer eyes. Image via Disney+.

The new Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer is very odd. The new trailer begins with kind of a VH-1 ‘where are they now’-like a recap of the Rescue Rangers TV show, but treating it like it’s real. The Rangers were apparently celebrities and their animated show was an actual success in this meta world of TV shows. But the story of the new live-action reboot begins 30 years after that original TV series. Next, we just see a sort of update on everyone’s lives, post their past success. Chip (John Mulaney) seems like he’s pretty normal. But Dale (Andy Samberg) got a CGI surgery upgrade. While Monterey looks like he’s dealing with a severe cheese addiction. Notably, Gadget and Zipper are missing from the trailer. Potentially so as to not spoiler their part of the story.

Some background here: the original Rescue Rangers TV show was a 2-dimensional hand-drawn animated series. This new Rescue Rangers reboot seems to be in live-action in the real world, but with some characters in 2D animation, while others are entirely CGI. This is definitely a choice, that initially took me out of this trailer. But seeing how they’re going about it, is actually kind of genius. The two titular Rangers look so weird together. Chip is entirely 2D while Dale is CGI. This continues with other characters throughout, furthering the weirdness.

The Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers Trailer Paints An Entirely New World

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer Car. Image via Disney+.

What’s most interesting about this new Rescue Rangers live-action reboot, is the world that it is building. There’s a lot of meta-commentary on the movie itself, the characters and the style of animation. One character even says the word ‘reboot’ out loud at one point. While Dale even glaringly points out his own CGI-ness in contrast to Chip’s 2D look. The Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers trailer ends with the characters in a different part of town with other CGI animated characters. They even do a bit where they mock the previously used CGI styles, which didn’t entirely work but was considered huge advances in tech at the time. With Seth Rogen voicing a fantasy Viking character that just looks out of place; this could be a genius movie or a total disaster.

There’s also a lot of Toon cameos in this as well. The trailer begins by comparing the Rescue Ranger’s TV success to that of Roger Rabbit. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is famously one of the first-ever movies to blend live-action with animated cartoon characters. While other movies have done that more and more in the years since, none ever reached the level of success of Roger Rabbit. The original Space Jam comes to mind, but other attempts from Looney Tunes were not nearly as successful. It’ll be interesting to see if this new Rescue Rangers on Disney+ can do something more unique with its meta-take on this genre of movies.

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers premieres on Disney+ on May 20, 2022.

What did you think of the new Rescue Rangers live-action reboot trailer? Are you down for this kind of mish-mash of animated-live-action techniques? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Disney+


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