Army Of The Dead Official Trailer Features A New Kind Of Zombie
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Army Of The Dead Official Trailer Reveals A New Kind Of Zombie

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BY April 14, 2021

I was already among the fans who will line up, metaphorically of course, for Zack Snyder’s new zombie-heist film on Netflix. But now, the newest Army Of The Dead official trailer has me all kinds of excited for some very specific reasons. The new movie from the former Justice League director is his first Netflix movie. It’s also the director’s first original movie, not related to an existing franchise or comic book adaptation.

Zack Snyder And Zombies Go Hand In Hand

Army Of The Dead official trailer Saw. Image via Netflix.

As previously mentioned when the movie’s teaser released, Snyder doing a Zombie movie is very exciting. It’s a return to the genre that made him an acclaimed filmmaker. The remake of The Dawn Of The Dead is what put Snyder on everyone’s map. This time around, he takes that same genre and does something very unique and very new with it. As this trailer shows, Army Of The Dead is definitely one of the year’s most anticipated movies. 

Snyder’s style of filmmaking perfectly lends to the typical zombie movie tropes. The trailer shows us how there’s a lot of atmospheric suspense here, along with thrills, and of course, badass action. The new trailer begins with a stylized character development moment featuring the lead, Dave Bautista’s character. Seemingly a retired person of former badassery, he is called back into action with the allure of money. The following montage sees him getting ready with blueprints and weapons, while reuniting with friends and pitching them a, ‘one last job’, kind of deal. 

How Army Of The Dead Official Trailer Shows A ‘Normal’ Snyder Movie

Army Of The Dead official trailer shoot. Image via Netflix.

One of the more unexpected surprises of the new Army Of The Dead official trailer, is how normal it is. Now, obviously, there are zombies and other craziness happening, but what I mean is that it’s a normal world, with normal characters facing an outrageous threat. Taking a look back at Snyder’s filmography since Dawn Of The Dead, it’s been mostly set in fictional worlds with extraordinary circumstances. Watchmen, Sucker Punch, 300, and the entire DC Extended Universe, have all been about mythical characters, fantastical worlds, and completely escapist stories with a massive scope. 

And obviously, a zombie movie falls into similar territory. But, as the first half of this trailer proves, besides the zombie threat, these are everyday characters living in an everyday world, motivated by regular desires. There are no superheroes in this bunch, despite Bautista’s superhero-like body. It’s exciting to see a movie set in the real world by Snyder, where audiences can relate to the characters, without allegory or metaphor, but because of the characters themselves. 

Army Of The Dead Official Trailer Features A New Kind Of Zombie

After introducing us to these everyday characters with quirks, the new trailer lays out the story. The character played by Hiroyuki Sanada looks like the typical rich underworld mobster, who offers Bautista’s character a huge payout, for a heist. Bautista assembles his team, and they lay down the plan. It’s very much a Snyder-take on Ocean’s Eleven. For now. 

The heist is seemingly successful, but what awaits the crew on the other side is an army of Zombies. This shouldn’t be an issue for what looks like an elite team of mercenaries with massive weapons and a variety of skill sets. However, these zombies are different. They’re not the drooling, slow-moving masses of bullet fodder that we’re used to seeing in media like The Walking Dead.

As the trailer points out, these are smarter, faster, and a lot more organized Zombies. The trailer has some awesome moments showing some zombies engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the main characters. Others in acrobatic flips and wire stunts. While others, it seems, look like straight-up leaders of the Zombies, commanding them and even showing emotion to one another it seems. 

How The New Spin Makes Things Much More Interesting

Army Of The Dead official trailer casino. Image via Netflix.

Most Zombie movies or shows focus on how the zombie threat is more just the sheer number of them, over than any actual damage they can do one on one. Get up close, and you’re in trouble. But if you have a butt-load of automatic weapons and explosives at your disposal, then it’s pretty simple to deal with. But with Army Of The Dead, if the zombies have unionized, essentially, and are smart enough to strategize, target, and are capable of complex thought, it’s a different matter entirely. 

Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead definitely seems to add to the larger Zombie mythos with these changes. Snyder’s first time in a Zombie world was with an adaptation of the genre veteran, George Romero. This time, however, it seems like he’s putting his own spin on the genre. With an original story that looks intriguing and exciting. It also helps that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was just released on rival HBO Max, because all of his current, new projects are with Netflix. So, the many fans of the Snyderverse eager to support the director, Netflix has a surefire hit on their hands.

Army Of The Dead releases on Netflix on May 21. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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