A Spider-Man Villain's Powers were Stolen By One of Marvel
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A Spider-Man Villain’s Powers were Stolen By One of Marvel’s Strongest Avengers

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BY July 29, 2019

In Invaders, does #2, Marvel’s Namor becomes a villain and taking the powers of DC Comic’s Aquaman, sound like a Marvel vs DC heroes face-off? Namor happens to be a Sub-Mariner and an Avenger. Although not the strongest of the characters in Marvel Universe but strong enough to knock the Hulk out when the two face each other. He is also strong enough to survive an atomic bomb.

A Sub-Mariner and King of Atlantis, Namor is an incredibly strong Alpha-level mutant because of his human and Atlantean heritage. He has joined forces with the Avengers, X-Men, and Defenders to save the world on many occasions. However, he over the past several issues of Avengers has become more of a villain than a hero. Owing to his passion to save Atlantis from humanity, he has started an aggressive campaign to kick humans out of the oceans.

His passion has set him on a collision course for an all-out war with the surface world. However, for him to be able to conquer, he upgraded his power levels by stealing some substantial new abilities from an unlikely source. In the issue, Captain America traveled to Atlantis to talk Namor out of the war. While on the mission, Captain America was intercepted by Atlantean forces and arrested.

During his incarceration, he saw Hydro-Man already incarcerated in an Atlantean cell. When Namor and Captain America later had a fight, he revealed that he stole the minor villain’s water-manipulating powers. Also, during their fight, he told the Captain that he is “more powerful than ever.”

Furthermore, he still wielded part of the Phoenix Force’s vast cosmic power during 2012’s Avengers vs. X-Men crossover that would make him one of Marvel’s most dangerous villain ever. He was able to use his new abilities to create an air bubble where he and the Captain talked after their fight. However, the King of Atlantis discovered a more devastating use for his new abilities in Invaders #1.

Namor Confronts the Sea Blades

Armed with the new ideology, Namor confronted the Sea Blades, an independent enclave of rebel Atlantean soldiers. When he approached them, he flooded their underwater city with a bubble of suffocating air until they surrendered. He took the display of his new abilities to a whole new dimension by using it in a more impressive way than how Hydro-Man had ever done with the same power.

Morris Bench’s body was transformed into living water in Dennis O’Neil and John Romita Jr.’s Amazing Spider-Man #212. The transformation earned him a B-list villain position although he gained the ability to control water outside his body. His occasionally contended with Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four but remained an underachiever.

Since the creation of Namor by Bill Everett in the 1930s, he has had a series of powers which have changed through the years. Compared to DC’s underwater heroes like Mera and Aquaman (occasionally), this is the first time he acquired such hydrokinetic water-manipulating power. Besides the new powers, he has largely consolidated efforts to wage war on surface dwellers by expanding his aqua-territory. He recruits water-themed heroes and villains to form the Defenders of the Deep to tighten his grip over the oceans of the world. While Namor muscles strength and men to invade the surface world with full power and rage, Captain America is ready to stop him. Actions continue in Invaders #3, created by Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno and Butch Guice to be released on the 27th day of March.

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