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Who Is The Thinker? A Look At The Suicide Squad Characters

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BY April 25, 2022

The Suicide Squad trailer dropped earlier this year and the movie is premiering in a little over a month, so fans everywhere are hoping to learn more about some of the new characters that were introduced. We’re here to help! I’m continuing my series of posts looking at each of the new characters in The Suicide Squad and in today’s post I’m going to investigate: who is The Thinker?

Who Is The Thinker And What Are His Powers?

The Thinker name has actually been used by four different characters throughout the DC Comics universe, but only two of them were associated with the Suicide Squad’s Task Force X: Clifford DeVoe and Cliff Carmichael. Both characters were known for their intellect and used a special “Thinking Cap” to enhance their mind and mental abilities, namely telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

The Beginnings Of The Thinker

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As mentioned before, there were four different Thinkers, but only DeVoe and Carmichael’s Thinkers were part of Task Force X.

Clifford DeVoe was created by Gardner Fox and E.E. Hibbard in 1943 and first appeared in All-Flash #12. He was a failed lawyer that realized many criminals lacked the brains to successfully carry out their crimes, so he decided to use his intelligence to help them out. He loved using technology to create devices to enhance his mind and his “Thinking Cap” was by far the most powerful and successful. He ultimately ended up being killed by Weasel on a Task Force X mission but was later found alive, dying from cancer due to wearing the Thinking Cap. 

Cliff Carmichael was the second character to use the name The Thinker. He first appeared in Firestorm #11 (1978) and was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. Written as the rival and bully to Ronnie Raymond (one half of Firestorm), Carmichael was admitted to a mental institution about a prank meant for Ronnie went horribly wrong for his cousin. For reasons unknown, scientists decided to experiment on Carmichael using DeVoe’s original “Thinking Cap.” Carmichael ended up gaining additional knowledge from the cap and used it to create a microchip version that he implanted directly into his brain. He was drafted into the Suicide Squad after he tried to kill Oracle and Amanda Waller.

The other two Thinkers are Desmond Connor (who had a one-time appearance in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #67 in 1997) and AI (like the name states, this was an artificial intelligent version of the “Thinking Cap”). Connor was basically like the other Thinkers, but he had the added ability to project fears, and AI was part of some villainous groups such as the Injustice Society and the Secret Society of Supervillains.

The Suicide Squad debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021

Are you excited to see The Thinker in The Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments!

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