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Aquaman 2 At DC Fandome Takes Us Behind The Scenes With Jason Momoa and James Wan

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BY April 25, 2022

DC’s epic free virtual fan event known as DC Fandome happened today and boy was it chock-full of exciting news, trailers, and guest appearances! We got the new trailer for The Batman as well as a teaser trailer for The Flash movie, but one of my favorites was seeing more Aquaman 2 at DC Fandome. More Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry please!

What Did We Learn About Aquaman 2 From DC Fandome?

aquaman 2 at dc fandome Image via screengrab

The behind-the-scenes clip begins with Jason Momoa’s first day of production on July 17, 2021. He apologizes to the fans for the long wait, saying:

“Aloha DC Fandome I apologize for the four year wait. Oh my gosh…since 2017! But I’m very proud of the sequel because it’s tackling a lot of issues environmentally, stakes are higher, and I’m just excited because I had a big part of it with my boy James (Wan). The tides are changing!”

From there we catch glimpses of behind-the-scenes shoots and brief interviews with some of the stars, including Patrick Wilson (King Orm/Ocean Master) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta). While we have already been guessing that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will feature Necrus aka the “Black City” that’s never found in the same location twice, director James Wan seemed to all but confirm our suspicions by saying that Aquaman 2 is a globetrotting story and that the movie will bring audiences to different worlds. Perhaps the plot will involve chasing Necrus around the planet, trying to catch it?

Wan also mentioned that Black Manta will continue to play a major role in Aquaman’s life as he’s still seeking vengeance for the King of Atlantis’s part in his father’s death. Frustratingly though, there’s still no hint as to Pilou Asbaek’s role in the movie. Many think he’s also likely to be a villain, namely Necrus’s ruler, Mongo. Are we ever going to find out this year??

aquaman 2 at dc fandome Image via screengrab

One quote that caught my attention though was when Wan mentioned that the movie “isn’t afraid to embrace its fantasy.” It makes sense since they’re exploring other worlds, but this also hinted at new fantastical creatures and perhaps more magic? It’s interesting, especially since we had talked about the fantasy aspect of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on the Shang-Chi spoiler podcast discussion. Whether this is a trend that superhero movies are going to start embracing wholeheartedly or not, I would be excited to see more fantasy world-building, especially in a movie like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Overall the general consensus is that the movie will be a lot of fun and audiences can expect more action-packed awesomeness. As producer Peter Safran said, “We turned the dial up to eleven.” I can not wait!

Watch the behind-the-scenes trailer from DC Fandome below:

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is coming out in theaters December 16, 2022.

What did you think of the short clip of Aquaman 2 at DC Fandome? Let us know in the comments below!

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