The Orbital Children Premiere Episode Teases A Space Disaster - Review
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The Orbital Children Premiere Episode Teases A Space Disaster In A Futuristic World – Review

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BY February 10, 2022

Netflix’s brand new original is The Orbital Children anime. The new series starts strong by showcasing a future where many kids, are born in space instead of on Earth. This is due to their health issues at birth. The new anime series explores some cool concepts of sci-fi and space. While also being very heavy on exposition and out-of-context world-building. The Orbital Children premiere episode has lots of exposition dumps and sequences that you have to work hard to figure out. The end of the episode has audiences hooked, and definitely wanting to see more. So, check out this review of The Orbital Children premiere episode, containing some spoilers for this new anime series as well.

The Orbital Children Anime On Netflix Is All About Space Kids

The Orbital Children premiere episode Team.. Image via Netflix.

The anime is actually a film series that Netflix picked up for distribution. Breaking the two-parter movie into six episodes, The Orbital Children on Netflix acts more like a series now, than a movie. The premise of the show is about two kids, Touya and Konoha, born on a space station, undergoing treatment for their many ailments to eventually join the human population on Earth. The world we’re introduced to in The Orbital Children anime is that of a highly futuristic one. Social media, Artificial Intelligence and online presence are even more common and  more normal than the status quo today. Technology has progressed beyond its means, and automation is a regular part of life. However, hints at a former version of AI than the one prevalent now, imply something more ominous going on behind the scenes than what we see in the premiere episode.

The premiere episode of The Orbital Children focuses on these two characters, along with three other kids who visit the station. As part of a contest, the children all start off being at odds with one another. But when a comet strikes the space shuttle, those initial first impressions make way to trying to help each other out. It seems like the rest of the show will focus on these kids and their survival after the disaster.

The Orbital Children Premiere Episode Has A Lot, Maybe Too Much For This Anime

The Orbital Children premiere episode Cast. Image via Netflix.

A lot is going on in The Orbital Children premiere episode. On top of our introduction to Touya and Konoha, there’s also the AI situation. Everyone seemingly has these drones with AI built-in that follow them around. Kind of like Pokemon, but drones. At one point, it’s revealed later that Touya turned off the capacity limits to his AI. The reaction this elicits is that of shock as if limiting the growth of AI is important. There’s also talk about a former AI who was the smartest ever built but had flaws in its programming. This AI seems to play an important role in the rest of the series, as it comes out in the show in a very ominous way.

The majority of The Orbital Children premiere episode is chockfull of references like this and a lot of other exposition. At times it feels like watching the middle of a series, rather than the first episode, given the amount of information required to download by the audience. But if you take all of those elements away, the story arcs and world-building we do get are interesting enough to keep watching. And seeing how establishing the story is now complete with the characters and setting all in play, the rest of the series should be as fast-paced as the third act of the premiere episode.

The Orbital Children is now streaming on Netflix.

Let me know what you thought about this new Netflix original anime, in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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