Akira Anime In IMAX 4K In Select U.S. Theatres Only
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The Legendary Akira Is Getting A 4K Remastered IMAX Release In Select Cities

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BY April 25, 2022

Akira is an incredibly influential anime feature film from 1988 which had a worldwide impact. The movie upended what people’s perceptions were of anime (and animation in general) at the time. We now have confirmation that the remastered 4K version of the movie is coming to IMAX for the first time in select US theatres. For many, experiencing the Akira anime in IMAX will be a dream come true. But you have to act quickly, as it’s only a one-day event on September 24. 

How Akira Changed The Game

Akira anime in IMAX bike. Image via Toho.

Set in a dystopian future, Akira is about the leader of a bike gang inadvertently having to save his city. During a heist, one of his friends gets into an accident after which he develops psychic powers beyond his control. With a secret government agency now interested in them, the situation devolves as his new powers, along with the existence of others with similar powers, threatens to destroy the city. The cyberpunk style of Akira, along with its stunning visuals and great soundtrack made it stand out in the animated film landscape of the time.

The Akira anime is one of the first feature films to make the anime medium popular to the world outside of Japan. The movie is also responsible for the rise in cyberpunk-style anime with similar franchises following suit like Ghost In The Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and many others. The Akira anime’s influence in Hollywood alone is evident in movies like The Matrix or Kill Bill, to name a few. At last count, Taika Waititi was in charge of the live-action Akira movie.

Akira Anime In IMAX With 4K Remaster

Akira anime in IMAX hero Image via Toho.

To celebrate the movie’s 4K remaster, the Akira anime in IMAX will be releasing in theaters in select cities. The new print will feature upgraded visuals, as well as remixed audio. The movie will be in its original Japanese audio, with English subtitles. The full list of cities is available on the IMAX website, along with where to buy tickets. 

It’s unclear how well the movie will do, given the current pandemic. It’s a hugely iconic film, the return of which to theatres is sure to excite many fans and cinephiles. However, theatres are still struggling to recover after the initial lockdowns due to COVID-19. Recently, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was supposedly the savior of the box office, but it’s barely met expectations. So could Akira bring audiences back to theaters in current climate? If any anime can, it’s this one. 

The Akira anime in IMAX is a one-day event on September 24, in select cities only. 

Are you excited about Akira in IMAX 4K? Let us know if you’ll be attending the screening in the comments below. 

Featured image via IMAX. 

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