Super Crooks Anime Official Trailer Is An Action Packed Bad Guy Story
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Mark Millar’s Super Crooks Anime Official Trailer Is An Action Packed Bad Guy Story

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BY October 23, 2021

Jupiter’s Legacy getting cancelled was a sad blow to my TV-viewing catalogue. I unabashedly loved the Netflix original live-action adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book series. But there was still a glimmer of hope since another story from that world was getting its own adaptation. And now that the Super Crooks anime official trailer is here, the hurt stings a little less. The new show is set in that same universe but focuses on the villains instead of heroes. The Super Crooks anime showcases a trailer that looks as action-packed s the live-action show and has enough to give audiences an expectation of the vibe of the new show.

Netflix’s Deal With Millar World

Super Crooks anime official trailer action.. Image via Netflix.

In 2017, massive comic book creator and essentially franchise builder Mark Millar signed an exclusive deal with Netflix. The deal was for Netflix to acquire his entire library of Millar World comic book content. Millar is already a known and successful personality in Hollywood, with adaptations of his works such as Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Wanted. But with this new Netflix deal, many of his other original creations would find new audiences.

The first show born out of this deal was Jupiter’s Legacy. The legacy-type of superhero show saw a lived-in world with veteran superheroes deconstructing the need for heroism in a world of flexible ideals and morals. The show featured subtle to obvious templates of existing superheroes in real-world discussions and situations. As you can read from my Jupiter’s Legacy review, I loved it. Netflix, however, didn’t. The show got cancelled after 1 season. However, the Super Crooks anime is comes from the same universe as Jupiter’s Legacy. So there’s a good chance that other characters from the live-action show may appear? Although the official trailer for the Super Crooks anime doesn’t really reveal any connections.

Super Crooks Anime Official Trailer Is More Vibe-Building Than Story

Super Crooks anime official trailer cast Image via Netflix.

If ever there was a trailer that is more focused atmosphere than anything else, it’s the Super Crooks anime trailer. The only bit of story we get is the introduction of Johnny Bolt, a villain with superpowers who just got released from prison. And like any charismatic crook, he immediately goes to his next heist plans. But it’s the last job ever. He swears! Because we haven’t heard that before. Yawn.

What follows next in the Super Crooks anime official trailer, is a whole lot of action. We hear the same ‘last job’ tropes, promises of being millionaires, and some exposition about the world and its heroes and villains. The trailer establishes that it’s a world of super-powered people, but how some abuse them to be villains instead of heroes. So it’s a group of villains pulling a job, and having to navigate around the heroes of this world, as well as their own morals.

Curious About The Premise Behind Super Crooks Anime Official Trailer

Super Crooks anime official trailer poster. Image via Netflix.

The antagonistic nature of the premise is very reminiscent of The Suicide Squad or even Ocean’s Eleven. How a story about villains doing bad things will work is really what I’m curious about. Usually, these kinds of stories make the villains relatable, sympathetic and even endearing. Some scenes with Johnny’s partner and wanting to start a new life, look like they will feature those elements as well. And usually the ‘bad guys’, in a story about villains, are the cops, or the nameless/faceless system that compelled their situation to become criminals.

However, in a world of actual superheroes, presumably ones who are righteous and morally good, how can Super Crooks make us like these villainous characters? I’m really interested to see how that dynamic works out. And I’m so curious to see how it all connects to Jupiter’s Legacy.

Super Crooks premieres on Netflix on November 25.

Does the Super Crooks anime official trailer get you excited for the new show? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix

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