The Dungeon Of Black Company Anime Announced
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Popular Manga The Dungeon Of Black Company Announces New Anime Series

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BY July 4, 2020

The Dungeon of Black Company, a relatively new manga series is getting its own anime adaptation. The manga will end with five compiled volumes released. Still, fans of this story have some excitement ahead. On the heels of the manga’s finale came an announcement that the series will get an anime series adaptation. However, the details are scarce, but a new anime is never a bad thing, especially one that seems so intriguing. 

What Dungeon Of Black Company Is All About

The Dungeon Of Black Company anime manga. Image via Seven Seas Entertainment.

The Dungeon of Black Company is the English title of the manga which came out in 2016. The original Japanese title of the manga is Meikyu Black Company, written by Yohei Yasamura. After four years, the manga’s story will end on July 10 with Chapter 30 of the series. However, the author later confirmed on Twitter that it’s not actually the end. So there could definitely be a lot more content for the anime to build on than what’s included in the manga. Rather than a straight-up adaptation, it could be a sequel series, sort of like how HBO’s Watchmen is a sequel to the comic of the same name. 

The Dungeon of Black Company is about a lazy protagonist who ends up in a fantasy world. Usually, these kinds of stories feature someone who becomes a hero through their adventures in a new world, but this is different. The protagonist is a slacker, now forced to work in a back-breaking mine upon his arrival into the new world. Ultimately, how this forced servitude changes him, possibly for the better, is the premise of the story. 

The Dungeon Of Black Company Anime Is An Isekai

The story of the manga is in the isekai genre which directly translated means “different world”. So this genre of storytelling is about characters who accidentally travel from one place to the other and embark on adventures. The travelling is most often from a contemporary setting into past or fantasy worlds. As a result, the adventures consist of this modern-day character in a setting and world foreign to them, and the crazy situations they get into. The stories can range from being dramatic tales that take place in a period setting, or completely fantastical with magic and demons. Some of the most famous isekai are titles like Inuyasha and Digimon, for example.

Very Little Details About The Anime Adaptation

The manga series of The Dungeon of Black Company ran 30 chapters so far, with many collected in 5 volumes. The 6th volume is set to ship out on July 10 from the retailer, Rakuten. In a Tweet-announcement the original publisher announced The Dungeon Of The Black Company anime series is in development. However, there are no details on which anime studio will be part of the project, when it will premiere, or on which network.

So are you excited about The Dungeon Of Black Company anime? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Mag Comi’s Twitter.

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