DC Comics' Joker Manga Releasing In 2021 Looks Morbidly Curious
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One OP Joker Is A New Joker Manga Coming From the Same Publisher As Attack On Titan Series

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BY April 12, 2021

The Joker is one of those characters who gets DC Comics a lot of mileage. He’s been in everything from movies, video games, to television series and various other appearances in other mediums. Batman’s biggest arch-rival is interesting for multiple reasons, given his complex background and origin story. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker portrayal brought the character back in a nuanced and sympathetic way to the mainstream, with its many awards. And now, the clown prince of crime is set to return, in a totally different avatar. A new announcement on Twitter reveals a DC Comics’ Joker manga coming out next year. The story will apparently have Joker be a parent in this one.

One OP Joker Manga Comes From Attack On Titan Publisher

DC Comics' Joker manga jokers Image via DC Comics.

The new DC Comics’ Joker manga is a collaboration between the publisher and Kodanshu, the same studio responsible for the Attack On Titan manga series. The announcement came from the manga’s artist, Keisuke Gotoh, on his Twitter account. The tweet also had a new picture attached showing the manga version of Joker, holding a baby. And that’s where things get a little weird. 

The One OP Joker is supposedly about Joker as a parent. We don’t know much else about DC Comics’ Joker manga, but the picture is strange. While Joker is holding a baby, what the baby is wearing is more interesting. He seems to have a beanie with what looks like bat ears, and a black blankie-cape? So is it actually Joker’s baby, or is it some weird scenario where Batman becomes a baby, somehow? Either way, I think the premise of the psychotic super villain somehow responsible for a helpless child is going to be interesting. Or one that could just go terribly and horribly wrong. 

DC Comics’ Joker Manga Should Be An Interesting Take On The Character

The Joker manga is definitely curious, to say the least. Despite many different iterations on the character, a Japanese graphic novel version should be something to look out for. The publisher, Kodansha, also has a reputation for creating compelling manga series. Some of their works include major series like Alita Battle Angel, The Quintessential Quintuplets, and other franchises like Akira and The Ghost In The Shell manga as well. With such a renowned publisher working with DC, the One OP Joker manga will be a unique take on the character. And the story also feels like something we’ve never seen from a Joker appearance before either, so one to watch out for. I’m definitely curious, even if it’s more of a morbid curiousity to see how the Joker would care for a child. 

DC Comics’ Joker manga releases on January 7, 2021. 

So how do you feel about a Joker manga? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Keisuke Gotoh’s Twitter account.

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