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New Anime Streaming Service Retro Crush Will Focus On Retro Classics

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BY February 10, 2021

The Streaming Wars are heating up, and the war for new Anime streaming services is now beginning to spark. With many existing content streaming Anime services out there, as well as Anime-only services, consumers have a lot of choices. Not only when it comes to where to get their Anime but also what kind of Anime. Which is what a brand new Anime streaming service looks to be banking on.

Current Anime Streaming Landscape

Right now, there are a lot of places to stream Anime. The largest general content streamer is Netflix. The streaming giant has heavily invested in acquiring the licensing deals to steam new and classic Anime. Then, Netflix eventually transitioned into creating their own original Anime such as Seis Manos and Dino Girl Gauko.

New anime streaming service Retro Crush Image via Retro Crush’s Twitter

Rivaling Netflix are the exclusive Anime only streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. Crunchyroll’s experience in the Anime industry predates Netflix’s giving them a bit of an edge. Their years of experience means that they know the world that they are playing in. While Funimation has been an Anime creator long before streaming, giving them a particular piece of the market that other services may struggle to reach.

With other, smaller services like Amazon Prime Video also featuring Anime streaming content, it’s becoming a competitive industry right now for that particular medium.

Enter A Brand New Anime Streaming Service

The latest fighter to enter the battle field is a new Anime streaming service called Retro Crush. As evident by the name, Retro Crush will focus on classic Anime content such as Fist Of The North Star, Street Fighter 2, Lum, Card Captor Sakura and, presumably, many more.

The new service announced their plans on their official Twitter account.

The announcement came on the heels of the Anime convention known as Anime NYC 2019.

Who Is Retro Crush?

Originally, Retro Crush began as a YouTube channel that featured clips of many classic Anime. The channel has hundreds of clips from various Anime content. Expanding upon that, the company has now announced a brand new streaming service, with the specific focus of featuring retro and vintage Anime, that they refer to as being from the Golden Age of Anime.

The official description for the service is on their website.

RetroCrush is a community built for the consumption and discussion of the Golden Age of Japanese animation, from the perspectives of pop culture, fandom, art, internet memes & more,

How Can Retro Crush Fit Into The Current Anime Landscape?

Retro Crush’s approach sounds very similar to that of Warner Media’s DC Universe streaming service. The focus on older content only, in order to create a community, is also one of the features of DC Universe, with their built in forums and older content.

Many are calling this new anime streaming service more like Disney+. Given that they are banking on nostalgia from older and popular anime form back in the day, it’s similar to Disney+ leveraging their own content catalog to gain subscribers.

But a lot of the existing streaming services already feature older Anime content, like Dragon Ball franchise on Crunchyroll and Funimation, Robotech on Amazon Prime, Saint Seiyya and Attack On Titan on Netflix. It makes me wonder what kind of Anime content will be on Retro Crush that will encourage audiences to sign up for yet another streaming service. Especially when the type of content can easily overlap with their existing streaming services.

There has been no announcement yet on what kind of content will be on Retro Crush upon launch. A general idea comes from the images featured in their original Tweet and other marketing materials. There is also very little about the pricing of Retro Crush or on what platforms it will be compatible with.

Stay tuned to Comic Years for more news on Retro Crush as it happens. 

Will you sign up for Retro Crush when it releases sometime in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Retro Crush.


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