Netflix's Dragon’s Dogma Anime Series Is Based On The Game
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New Dragon’s Dogma Anime Series Based On The Game Is Coming To Netflix

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BY April 25, 2022

Netflix is introducing another CG anime to its library with the original Dragon’s Dogma anime series. With an already impressive catalog of curated and original anime content, this is a different kind of anime for Netflix. A successful video game by Capcom, Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime will be an action-adventure series in a world with dragons and epic battles. The series is set to release worldwide exclusively on Netflix in September. 

Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma Comes From A Game Of The Same Name

Dragon Image via Netflix.

Released in 2012, Dragon’s Dogma is a hack and slash action-adventure RPG game for the Playstation and Xbox consoles. The game was very successful and the gameplay impressed critics and fans who loved the Pawn system. The system saw the main protagonist accompanied by Pawns that provide in-game support. Something that the new anime will also feature, with supporting characters whose sole purpose is to hunt dragons. Despite the positive reviews for the actual game, the story took the biggest brunt of the criticism. Many claimed that the story was ‘lacking’, so it’s curious as to why Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime was greenlit, but not so much after digging into exactly what kind of series it is.

Netflix’s biggest and most successful anime to date is Castlevania, which was itself based on a video game from 1986. So it’s totally understandable that Netflix is trying to recreate the same magic from that hit anime series. Especially given that Netflix’s recent original anime such as the new Ghost In The Shell series and Drifting Dragons weren’t anything to write home about. 

The Dragon’s Dogma Anime Will Be CG

Netflix's Dragon’s Dogma Anime Series couple. Image via Netflix.

Another curious aspect of Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime is the animation format for the show. While traditional anime is a beautiful art form, newer computer-generated anime can fall short of the standard for the genre. I experienced this firsthand from the CG Ghost In The Shell series. The characters felt very stiff, especially lacking in facial expression. A similar animation style in the rebooted Pokemon movie anime, on the other hand, was incredibly stunning and refreshing. The difference could be due to the tone and subject between the two shows; while Ghost was more mature and violent, Pokemon is a children’s anime. To be fair, Dragon’s Dogma is also supposed to be mixing in 2D animation into its CG style. How that plays out is still unknown. 

The announcement for the Dragon’s Dogma anime from Netflix also came with some stills which, honestly speaking, look fantastic. There is a depth and a style to the images that look great and seemingly goes beyond the usual CG anime. These visuals combined with the story makes the anime an interesting one to look out for. 

Netflix’s New Anime Sounds Like A Witcher Anime

Netflix's Dragon’s Dogma Anime Series poster. Image via Netflix.

The story of Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma feels very much like the world of The Witcher. Netflix’s description of the anime features a revenge story about a man hunting down a dragon that stole his heart. Whether that is being literal, or figurative is unknown. The man comes back to life at some point in his journey and becomes an Arisen. Through his journey, his challenges include demons representing the seven deadly sins. The fantasy world aspect of the story, along with the inclusion of Dragons makes the Dragon’s Dogma anime a curiously interesting show to stay tuned for. 

Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime releases on Netflix on September 17. 

What do you think of the Dragon’s Dogma anime? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix.

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