Blood Of Zeus Anime Season 2 Confirmed; Here Is What We Can Expect
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Netflix Confirms Blood Of Zeus Anime Season 2; Here Is What We Can Expect

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BY April 25, 2022

It was inevitable. When there’s an anime as good as Blood Of Zeus, with awe-inspiring visuals, a renewal is only inevitable. The fantasy anime series that re-tells the story of Greek Gods on Mt. Olympus captured all of our imaginations when it premiered on Netflix a few weeks ago. The anime was such a success, that Netflix now confirms the Blood Of Zeus anime season 2 renewal. This is crucial, as season 1 of the anime set up quite a few hanging plot threads, that fans hoped would resolve in a second season. So with Blood Of Zeus season 2 confirmed, here’s what to expect. 

Please note: this article will contain some spoilers for the end of Blood Of Zeus season 1. Read on at your own peril. 

Blood Of Zeus Season 1 Blew Our Minds

Gods Image via Netflix.

Although I personally had some issues with the storytelling of Blood Of Zeus season 1, it’s difficult to deny that the series was exceptionally well made. Every show’s premiere season has some hiccups along the way, and what the anime does good, it does incredibly well, making up for the lesser parts of it. And one of those elements of the new Netflix original was its animation style from Powerhouse Animation. The world of the Greek Gods appeared to us in a way never before seen. The decadence and extravagance came through brilliantly in the show, almost as if it’s a world we’d never seen before, despite countless other shows and movies on the same subject. 

Along with its visuals, there was a lot to Blood Of Zeus’ season 1 storyline. A jilted ex-wife, a God’s sacrifice for ‘love’, a tortured villain in the grips of yet another larger antagonist, and the hero who seemingly got a happy ending. This is where we left things by the end of season 1, clearly teasing more to come in season 2. And now that Blood Of Zeus season 2 is confirmed, we can hope to have those story beats developed further, and better fleshed out. 

With Blood Of Zeus Anime Season 2 Renewal, Fans Rejoice

Blood Of Zeus season 2 Hera. Image via Netflix.

Season 2 of Blood Of Zeus should be epic. Now that the introductions and growing pains of the show are out of the way, we can really get into the meat and potatoes of the story. One of my problems with season 1, was how the hierarchy of the Gods and the relationships between them were quite underdeveloped. However, with the appearance of Hades in the season 1 finale, maybe we’ll explore that a bit more. 

Hades in Greek mythology is the keeper of the underworld. So when Heron kills Seraphim in the finale, he appears at the gates of hell, presented with an offer by Hades. It looks like Hades will have a bigger role in Blood Of Zeus season 2, which means we’ll definitely get some sort of backstory as to his contentious relationship with the other Gods. In most Greek Gods content, movies, or TV, Hades is almost always the big baddie, plotting to overthrow Zeus and take over Olympus. Something similar may be happening in Blood Of Zeus as well. Especially now that there’s a power vacuum.

Who Will Rule Olympus In Season 2 Of Blood Of Zeus

Blood Of Zeus season 2 Hades. Image via Netflix.

The season finale also saw Zeus sacrifice himself in an attempt to save his wife, Hera from the Giants. It was a final gesture meant to redeem himself for being a cheater, basically all through their marriage. The effectiveness of the gesture is debatable, but the fact is that Zeus is gone. So the question remains: who will rule over Olympus? Season 2 of Blood Of Zeus may see a fight for the throne, a la Game Of Thrones, where multiple parties are vying for the seat. Hera is obviously not dead, so it’s reasonable that she will return to claim the throne for herself. So it might totally be a case of Hades vs. Hera, but obviously, things will get more complicated than that. 

What About The Brotherly Love Between Heron and Seraphim?

Blood Of Zeus season 2 Seraphim. Image via Netflix.

Seraphim is easily the strongest character in Blood of Zeus. He is a tortured child, growing up to be the leader of an army of demons, motivated by revenge and manipulated by those around him. He’s a tragic figure and by far, the most interesting of them all. Looks like season 2 will continue to show him as a pawn in the larger game, as he might align himself with Hades. If Heron, armed with his brand new Demi-God powers, decides to side with the Gods of Olympus, his only remaining family, it might be a brother vs. brother situation. Again. 

It’s clear to see why Blood Of Zeus season 2 is something fans are looking forward to. No word on when season 2 will premiere. 

Season 1 of Blow Of Zeus is now streaming on Netflix. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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