Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 1 Trailer
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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 1 Trailer Shows An Eternia Without Magic

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BY July 5, 2021

It’s so difficult to watch the new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 trailer and not remember the heartbreak of the She-Ra cancelation. So much of the He-Man franchise has similar concepts to that of the reenvisioned She-Ra from Noelle Stevenson. The original character was a direct spinoff from He-Man. So the similarities are right there! But the new trailer definitely helps me in getting over the sadness over She-Ra and focusing on the awesome glory of He-Man! The new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 trailer brings back all the nostalgia, but also provides a cool new look into the next chapter of this story that began in the 80s. Check out the trailer for this new Netflix anime series from Kevin Smith, and find out just how this fan-favorite franchise is planning a comeback in a very unique way.

Masters Of The Universe Return Is Unlike Usual Franchise Revivals Or Reboots

Masters Of The Universe Part 1 trailer Sorceress. Image via Netflix.

The Masters Of The Universe animated series was, in essence, a huge commercial for the franchise original created as a toy line. I don’t think anyone realized what a massive thing it would become. Especially given that the creators themselves were working from other inspirations like Conan The Barbarian, and trying to one-up other toy franchises like Star Wars and G.I. Joe. What resulted was an awesome show that dove into concepts of alter egos, magic, and did a lot of new things. Like featuring many powerful female action heroines, that other content at the time just were not doing.

Given we live in an era of reboots and revivals it only makes sense for He-Man to return. The franchise was planning one for many years, with the previously cast Noah Centino in a live-action version as well. But, while other franchises are trying to do reboots and remakes of their franchises, showrunner Kevin Smith is going a different route. The new Masters Of The Universe anime on Netflix picks up directly after the events of the 1983 animated series. The same story, relationships, and rivalries continue in the new series, and the Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 trailer shows us just how it does that.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 1 Trailer Goes Dark. Kinda.

Masters Of The Universe Part 1 trailer Teela. . Image via Netflix.

The new trailer from the original Netflix series takes the story in a direction that even I couldn’t see coming. Smith touted the show as a direct sequel for around two years now. And now, it looks like there’s a possible time jump as well? The trailer begins with, what sounds like The Sorceress, He-Man’s ally, revealing that the world of Eternia is without magic. Something happened that is now causing the death of the world, and in return, the universe.

The He-Man franchise is all about Prince Adam, who, with the use of the Sword Of Power, transforms into He-Man, the strongest warrior in the universe. A Master of said universe, if you will. He fights the evil Skeletor and his legions as they attempt to storm Castle Greyskull to claim the Sword of Power for himself. The show was all about this ongoing struggle between the forces of good and evil. Which, Smith claims will culminate in the new series. And the new trailer definitely looks like it’s going to go there, and possibly, further?

Powerhouse Animation As Always, Does Gorgeous Work

Masters Of The Universe Part 1 trailer Man At Arms. Image via Netflix.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation looks incredibly gorgeous. The new anime series is yet another amazing series from Powerhouse Animation, and it’s possibly their best yet. Sure, the aesthetics had to adhere to the 80’s design and style, but the glow-up is pretty undeniable. While the teaser provided a sizzle reel, the new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation trailer gives us a lot more story. So we get to see our fan-favorite characters, in their updated looks. Both from a visual perspective, but also, in terms of where these characters are in the new story.

The focus seems to be on Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) as one of He-Man’s entourage from the original series. Scenes from the trailer show Teela with a new style and a new haircut, possibly attributing to the potential time jump. We also see glimpses of other fan favorites like Man At Arms (Liam Cunningham), and a possible speech by Cringer (Stephen Root). Prince Adam (Chris Wood) is featured a lot in this trailer as well. Clearly dispelling those nasty rumors that the new series will be all about Teela. But we’ll have to wait for the series to release before we can make any definite conclusions.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Part 1 premieres on July 23 on Netflix. 

Let me know what you thought about this part 1 trailer for Masters Of The Universe: Revelation? Especially if your a die-hard He-Man fan. But also especially, if you’re not!

Featured image via Netflix.

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