My Hero Academia Characters Reveals New Look at Class 1-B
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Latest Volume of ‘My Hero Academia’ release in Japan: Spread Reveals New Look at Class 1-B

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BY March 5, 2021

The latest volume of My Hero Academia came with such a bang that fans cannot but notice. The volume recently released in Japan came with a brand-new look at some of Class 1-B. However, the two Hero Course classes have engaged in an enormous training exercise in which they do battle. Furthermore, the volume also reveals names and costumes of many Class 1-B heroes.

The back cover of My Hero Academia Volume 22 was revealed to fans on Twitter by @aitaikimochii. The cover wears a colored look at Class B’s Setsuna Tokage, Yui Kodai, Pony Tsunotori’s, and Juzo Honenuki’s hero costumes. One great thing about the Joint Training arc is that it revealed what each Class 1-B’s students could do. It also connected the dots fans have been curious about since the class was introduced.

The four added My Hero Academia characters have not been focused on in the series ever since. The reason for the non-focus is because only a few members of the class have had speaking roles and big moments in the arc of earlier times. However, the Joint Training has made previously unexplored characters of Class 1-B, the clamor of fans as they want to see more of their skills.

The Story Before the Latest My Hero Academia Volume

My Hero Academia, a creation of Kohei Horikoshi started running in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. It is a story of Izuku Midoriya, born without powers but lived in a world where everyone has superpowers called “Quirks.” Since everyone has powers except him, he dreams of becoming a superhero no matter what, although he was constantly bullied by his classmates for having no Quirk.

Eventually, he became a Hero by being the only one who tried and saved his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo from a villain. That action won him the attention of the world’s best hero, All Might. He bestowed on him his own Quirk “One for All.” He then enrolled in a school for professional heroes.

In the school, Izuku and his new friends faced new challenges as they tried to balance their Hero training with ordinary school duties. One prominent challenge includes facing the League of Villains, an evil organization established by All Might’s archenemy to destroy all Heroes and take over the society. In 2015, the series became licensed by Viz Media for an English Language release.

My Hero Academia is being one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2019. Fans can expect its return later this October. The third season ended in such a dramatic way. They introduced the Big 3! They also introduced new Pro-Heroes such as Nighteye and new villains like Overhaul. These My Hero Academia characters’ introductions give fans a taste of how the next arc of the series unfolds. They expect nothing but super entertainment.

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