Your Name Live-Action Remake Lands A New Director
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Hollywood’s Live-Action Remake Of The Hit Anime Your Name Lands A New Director

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BY March 24, 2022

One of the most successful anime feature films of all time, Your Name, is getting its own live-action remake. Your Name was a huge critical hit after its release, crossing over outside of Japan into a worldwide market. The movie’s incredibly well written emotional story, combined with some fantasy elements, resonated with audiences from all over. So obviously, due to the movie’s success, it  will now become a Hollywood version with the Your Name live-action remake. And now, a new report confirms that the movie has a new director in Lee Isaac Chung. 

How Your Name Appealed to a Wide Range Of Audiences

Your Name live-action remake couple. Image via Comix Wave Films.

Image, if you can, a movie that is part Freaky Friday and part the Reeves-Bullock starring The Lakehouse. Now try to disregard the second part of that analogy, and you can somewhat envision the Your Name anime film. The movie, directed by Makoto Shinkai, was all about a boy and a girl living in different cities. Unhappy with each other’s respective lives, they wake up one day having switched bodies. The body switching continues back and forth as they end up impacting each other’s lives in unexpected ways. However, the arrival of a comet lays bare this phenomenon, as audiences realize it’s just more than the usual body-switching story.

Your Name enthralled audiences with its initial slice-of-life premise, along with its air of spirituality and fantasy elements that come in the second half. As a result, the movie’s treatment of love and life and the spiritual elements of it all was incredibly well handled. It’s not difficult to see why the movie was such a success. The Your Name live-action remake is coming from the original anime studio Toho, along with Paramount and J. J. Abrams’ Bad Robot. The movie now has a director in Lee Isaac Chung. 

Your Name Live-Action Remake Could Be One of Hollywood’s Better Anime Adaptations

Your Name live-action remake comet. Image via Comix Wave Films.

Hot off of his Grand Jury and Audience Award wins at Sundance, Chung seems a perfect choice for the Your Name live-action remake. A recent Deadline report confirmed his involvement in the project. However, Hollywood’s track record with anime adaptations isn’t the best. While the kid-friendly Pokemon Detective Pikachu did great, the other more iconic adaptations of anime movies like Ghost In The Shell or Dragonball were poorly conceptualized. And there is the ever-present problem of whitewashing Asian protagonists in Hollywood anime adaptations. What sets the Your Name live-action remake apart from these movies, however, is that it’s the least genre story of them all. Your Name is basically a fantasy coming-of-age movie and an endearing story about everyday people experiencing remarkable things. As a result, its story rooted in real-life emotions and ideas may be why Your Name could be a good anime adaptation for Hollywood. 

No word yet on when the Your Name live-action remake will release in theatres. 

So what do you think of the new director of Hollywood’s Your Name? Let us know in the comments below. 

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