Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse Anime Trailer Reveals Supernatural Show
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Crunchyroll’s Noblesse Trailer Reveals A New Supernatural Anime Series

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BY August 18, 2020

Crunchyroll Originals lineup keeps expanding with brand new anime that are extremely engaging. The newest addition is Noblesse, a supernatural anime with a fun and interesting premise that promises something different. The Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse anime trailer showcases this new series, soon to premiere on the anime streamer. 

Noblesse Is The Next Big Thing For Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse anime trailer Rai Image via Crunchyroll.

Noblesse comes from a South Korean manhwa from author Son Jeho released in 2007 that ran for 12 years. The manhwa already got an adaptation in an Original Video Animation in 2016. The story will now get an anime series adaptation from Crunchyroll Originals. 

The story is about a world in which a supernatural war is taking place. During it all, a powerful noble named Rai, who was asleep for 820 years, awakens. With no idea of how far the world progressed during his slumber, Rai needs to reconnect and get caught up. Deciding to enroll in a high school, Rai determines that this is the best way to find out about the modern world. Obviously, hi-jinks ensue as teenagers are probably not the best representation of society. While at the same time, it’s probably the best premise that’s sure to provide the most conflicts in the story to keep things moving forward. 

Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse Anime Trailer Mashes Up Familiar Tropes

The premise of Noblesse looks pretty unique. The series is about how a supernatural character joins high school to learn more about the new world. So it already throws together some familiar anime tropes like supernatural goings-on in a totally high school setting. The setting is similar to another one of Crunchyroll Originals, The God Of High School.  During his school-life, Rai makes friends that are the typical high school character archetypes like a geek, a jock, a crush and in this case, a noble servant of his named Frankenstein.

The Noblesse anime trailer is mostly dialogue-less but is pretty intense with its visuals alone. While the trailer is mostly action and action scenes, there is still a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. The only bit of dialogue in the entire trailer is a comedic line that breaks through all the tension. The action sequences look interesting, and it’s safe to say that Rai has some powers that will come in handy during the typical teenage life. With the worlds of fantasy and teen drama coming together, the Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse anime trailer definitely looks interesting and can be a worthy addition to their line up. 

Noblesse is coming soon to Crunchyroll. 

What did you think of the Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse anime trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Crunchyroll. 

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