The Bright: Samurai Soul Anime Trailer Takes Us Back To The Movie
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The Bright: Samurai Soul Anime Trailer Takes Us Back To The Movie. For Some Reason.

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BY September 16, 2021

The Will Smith and Joel Egerton starring Bright was one of Netflix’s first original blockbuster movies with big star names. That was back in 2017, and Netflix is still chasing that big franchise hit after all these years. Another of those attempts is coming up in with the Rock’s Red Notice. But the fact Netflix is still after that level of success shows how Bright failed to live up to expectations. Which was very surprising, and also a little weird, given its potential. And now, for whatever reason, we’ve gotten a Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer, spinning off from that movie into a new story.

The new anime movie tells another adventure set in that world of Bright with humans, orcs and elves, but in the past. It does feel like it’s the same story though. So let’s take a look at the Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer and see what this is all about. 

What David Ayer’s Bright Got Right And What It Got Wrong

Featured. Image via Netflix.

On paper, Bright intended to be an awesome genre hit, with big stars and an acclaimed director. And long before fans were clamouring to #ReleaseTheAyerCut, David Ayer was directing Bright. The story of Bright showed a historically reimagined earth where humans and fantasy creatures lived side by side. Orcs, fairies and Elves and oh, my! The movie featured a society that developed with all these beings coexisting side by side. But the execution of how all of that would really work wasn’t the best. 

Orcs seemingly were the minorities in this world, with their own civil rights movement in the past. But the weird part was how they just seemingly replaced other minorities from the real world. There wasn’t any creative world-building or parallels, but just, they were the minorities, so the same discrimination and prejudice got copy/pasted onto them. It felt superficial and lacked any nuance. And then there’s the buddy cop element between Smith’s human character and Egerton’s Orc that lacked any chemistry that contributed to Bright’s lacklustre impact. The story pitted these two together, to help a young Elf find a magic wand, and it all just felt too forced. At least in my opinion. Bright still was liked by many fans, which could explain the existence of this Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer.

The Bright: Samurai Soul Anime Trailer Rehashes The Same Story

Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer fight. Image via Netflix.

In the ever-growing supplemental anime content of their movie library, Netflix’s Bright: Samurai Soul is seemingly just another entry. The anime trailer showcases a different world though, from a modern setting to one set in Japan. While the world is still fictional, with humans, orcs and elves cohabitating, the history feels very much real. The story is all about a lone Ronin, and a pacifist Orc who cross paths in their common goal to protect a young Elf. Both hardened men promise to lead the young Elf to a magic wand and have to face the treachery of those chasing them to do so. It’s a story of how these two men come together for a goal that’s much bigger than their individual problems. Set against the backdrop of a historically changing Japan. 

It’s also very much like the story of Bright itself. Smith and Egerton’s characters butt heads but came together to protect the Elf character, who was on a quest to find a magic wand. The story, intentionally so it seems, rehashes the same story, just with different characters in a different time in history. But there definitely seems to be new elements at work that fit the setting and make it kind of exciting to watch. The Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer kind of sells this new world and teases an epic battle between good and evil. 

The Animation In Samurai Soul Looks Fantastic

Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer fight. Image via Netflix.

The animation style of certain new anime content seemingly have to choose between CG or traditional flat 2D. However, the Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer does something completely different, and it looks incredible. Combining the style of vintage Japanese woodblock print art, into moving CG images, the aesthetic of Bright: Samurai Soul looks very different. And gorgeous. It’s like historical Japanese paintings come to life, adding a richness that feels unique and breathtaking. The epic action sequences hit harder in that tone, and the character beats seem to resonate more, given the scope of the story and visuals. 

More Reasons To Get Excited for Bright: Samurai Soul

Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer orc. Image via Netflix.

While I’m not sure who asked for a Bright anime prequel (spin-off?), or even if we truly needed one. But the animation style is special enough to warrant a closer look at this movie. If anything, the movie seems like another take of the live-action movie version, with a similar story and dynamic, but possibly executed better? The voice cast of Samurai Soul is another reason to check this out. It features the recently released Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten RingsSimu Liu himself, as the Ronin. While Fred Mancuso plays the reluctant warrior Orc. 

We’ll find out more when Bright: Samurai Soul releases on Netflix on October 12. 

What did you think of the Bright: Samurai Soul anime trailer? Did you like the original Bright? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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