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Top List of The Most Popular Films for Students

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BY October 1, 2021

Movies are an incredible source of education. They can help students visualize information and study critical concepts. Movies are an excellent way to help students identify with multiple perspectives and develop strategic thinking abilities. Historical events can be better understood by watching films and empathizing with the characters. 

If you’re lost or not sure what your life path is, watching a movie can clarify this for you. The list of movies we’ll present is mostly addressed to students and might restore your motivation. You will be inspired to continue the hard work that college requires. Before we begin, let’s see why watching movies is important. 

Why Are Movies Important for Students?

Movies play an important role in our society and can educate the future leaders of our generation. By watching movies in a classroom environment, students can assess information and debate upon it, which can bring discussions to another level of depth. Here are just some of the most relevant reasons why watching movies as a student is a helpful resource. 

  • Visual learners can take information in with more ease. Since every student has his or her own learning style, watching movies could be an important source of information for visual learners, since they’ll be able to break down complex concepts and challenging learning barriers that they might’ve experienced.
  • Allowing students to identify with multiple points of view. Having your perspective challenged by a specific character or dialogue, for example, is helpful. Students who never ask “why” are not good students, they are blindly believing what the system tells them to believe. An ability to question things and stay true to facts requires you to empathize with other points of view and be malleable. It requires students to think critically and broaden their perspective. 
  • Historical events can be better understood this way. History can be hard to remember, especially if you are not an empathic person. Films can portray historical events in great detail. This can help students learn faster and teach them how history actually felt. Some examples of great historical movies could be 300 (2006), The Pianist (2002), La Vita e Bella (1997), The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (2008), etc. 
  • Learning to use all the available study tools. Watching films can drag students into the night, which means that in the morning, waking up becomes difficult. Besides that, you might forget to write an essay or research paper and need some quick help. To ensure that watching films does not interfere with your studies, use Edubirdie to be able to go to your favorite film premieres without wasting time writing heavy essays. Reaching out to professional essay helpers is important when you’re behind on schoolwork. It can help you stay on top of your homework and get high grades. Don’t forget, your future career is dependent upon your academic performance after all. 
  • Students can pay attention to specific themes, styles, or genres, as well as artistic methodologies. When you’re learning about suspense as a movie genre in your Film class, you’re not living the emotion but studying it. What does it transmit, how can it be transferred to the characters, how can scenes gain intensity and suspenseful speed? These are some of the questions your professor might teach you about. However, watching the movie and actually feeling the emotion gives you first-hand experience into truly understanding all its other elements. 
  • Learning a new language. Movies can help you learn English. They’re a great resource for this reason (even when you might have to keep subtitles on). If you’re trying to learn Spanish, watch Hispanic movies! Want to learn French? Watch French movies, so on and so forth. 


Top 7 Best Movies for Students


  • Good Will Hunting (1997)

A 20-year-old genius gifted with mathematical talents cannot understand what life can offer him until one day, when he meets his mentor. This can help students rediscover their talents and stay true to their work. It can keep up the motivation to find your potential and rediscover your true call.

  • Dead Poets Society (1989)

Rules are good when they make sense, but they’re immoral when they harm us. In a world that has forgotten what freedom is, Robin Williams helps us rediscover it. He does not obey but instead, brings faith and courage back into discussion by saving the souls of troubled young boys. 

  • The Internship (2013) 

Giving up is never a solution, not even when you’re 40 and got fired. If that happens, you must make it work, even if that means starting all over… with an internship! The digital age is upon us so we can accept it and move on or reject it and withdraw.

  • 21 (2008)

To bring down the house, you need a talented student from Harvard and a math teacher willing to take risks. This duo will get you in and might even get you rich.

  • Everest (2015)

Calculating risks is important when you’re climbing Everest. Time is of the essence. To get out of the experience alive, you must learn to follow rules. This movie is inspired from real life events and shows the hopes and doubts of mountain climbers. 

  • Theory of Everything (2014)

When medicine tells you that you’ve only got two years left, you’re taking precautions and living life to the fullest, even as a brilliant Astrophysics student.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The life of Chris Garner, an entrepreneur whose dreams become reality once he decides to take his life into his own hands.

Wrapping Up

It’s critical that all students watch the movies above – you could write a short summary about each one of them and see how they’ve helped you. Are you thinking of becoming a better person? Do you understand a specific historical event in more depth? Do you feel more motivated to attend college? Answer these questions for yourself and start planning the next movie you’ll watch!

Author Bio:

Mary Spears is a freelance writer and blogger. She helps international students submit their homework on time. Mary also works for a popular marketing magazine and is currently writing her own book. 



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