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Top 5 Fun Craft Hobbies you can try in the Lockdown

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BY September 30, 2021

The current pandemic has bought one good thing for us, and that is spending time with our beloved ones at home.  However, if you find your spouse too held up with work from home and kids busy with online school and tuitions, you may be the one who feels lost out.  

Over one year, I am sure, you must have already experimented with cooking and tried almost all the dishes out there.  Perhaps, you have now run out of ideas to kill your time.  

So, here, I present hobbies which you can develop from the comforts of your home.  These will not only keep you engaged but will make you proud for using your time wisely.

It’s never too late to start with something new and crazy that could not only lighten your mood but also help you explore your creativity. So, let’s get started!


Knitting gives you the freedom to create almost anything.  The best part is that you can begin this hobby with just two things: yarn and knitting needles.  The cost of the materials will not go beyond $20, though a lot will depend upon the type of yarn and quantity you choose to buy.  

To begin with, you should keep the quantity to a minimum but choose a strong yarn.  A knitting book especially meant for beginners is a pretty good option.  With its help, you could create something easy, like a scarf or a mini blanket.

As this involves using a single color yarn and just one type of stitch, you will be able to master this skill pretty soon. Once your confidence gets boosted, you can now move on to the next level of learning more knitting styles.  

Another significant aspect of knitting is that it helps in releasing stress. Most often, people go through a lot of issues and feel worked up. Knitting could be their get away from the daily hassles of life.

Diamond Painting 

Diamond painting is yet another hobby that can be fun either individually or together as a family.  It is fascinating and you can enjoy your time working on it without worrying about your kids getting up if they are fast asleep, as it doesn’t make any noise.

The best part with diamond painting is it allows you to multi-task.  It doesn’t need you to leave everything aside and sit with it alone.  In today’s day and age, everyone is anxious and stressed; this hobby helps you distress.  

It also builds up on your patience.  Learning a new activity is fun, significantly when it doesn’t hurt your pocket.  The best diamond painting kits come with all-inclusive and all you need to know about diamond art.  You would require small crystal-like stickers to create this art form.

These crystals are called diamond drills that have a symbol on them. You place the drills on the canvas onto the corresponding signs. I can assure you that you will not let go of it once you start this hobby.


Sewing seems like a highly complex task, but it isn’t that a big deal. It is an excellent way of building new and beautiful pieces. You could start with basics such as alterations of clothing you own.

Once you learn a few techniques, you would be able to make clothes as well. It also creates a significant impact on the environment. If you are a full-time mom, you could also make cute dresses for your kids. 

Back in time, sewing was considered a profession only, but now you could learn it for fun. There are also many health benefits of sewing. For instance, it improves your hand-eye coordination, lowers high blood pressure, etc.

Another great benefit of sewing clothes is that you could even sell them if needed. Either way, you get to learn a new hobby and invest your time wisely.


If you have loved craft as a kid, then Cricut is just the thing for you. You could cut crafting essentials as well as other items such as leather, cloth, etc. The only investment that you have to make here is buying the Cricut machine.

You could create beautiful artwork, designer tools, and much more. In the beginning, you might find it a bit time-consuming, but trust me, the satisfaction you get at the end is worth it. 

Once you get hold of the machine, you can design mugs, print beautiful t-shirts, and much more. Cricut as a hobby is excellent. It helps in bringing out your creative side. 

There are also many other benefits of having a Cricut machine. You can use it for various purposes. Some machines also have a slot where you could place your marker or pen, and the machine does the writing work for you.

There are a lot of things you could do with a Cricut machine; the list is never-ending. A few standard works are scrapbooking, handmade gifts, designing t-shirts, monogram pillows, etc.

Collage Art

You might have heard of collage art in your schooling days. It is a mixture of various paper cuttings, ribbons, paints, etc., which helps create a whole new piece of art.

Collage art takes quite a lot of time to make, but the results will not fail to shock you if you have the love for it. Both the technique and the outcome are a process of extreme dedication and joy.

It is considered one of the topmost arts in terms of relieving stress. It calms you down and inspires you to learn more. During the pandemic, many people struggle is having peace of mind or even a little bit of “me” time. 

Creating collage could be the best way of leaving all things aside and enjoying some time for you. There is zero investment needed in this hobby. You could start with the papers, paint, glue, etc., you have at your place.


Life is too short to waste it stressing and worrying, so give yourself some time, and you will enjoy every bit of it. These hobbies mentioned above could be your starting step towards a more stress-free and happy life.

It’s never too late to explore your talents. I hope you find the article helpful in some way or the other. Good Luck!



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