Zorro New Movie, Something In The Works?
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Zorro New Movie, Something In The Works?

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BY April 23, 2023

After 18 years since the last film in this franchise, the question arises as to when we will see a new Zorro movie, or in its case, an adaptation for the small screen.

Zorro may not have superpowers, but he inspired the creation of many superheroes. Since its creation in 1919, Diego de la Vega’s adventures have captivated millions. This colonist living in California, Mexico, decides to end the tyranny of the region’s commander, who abused and trampled the people, taking away their resources, freedom, and lives.

After the character’s success, he appeared more in animated series and movies. Among these, we have El Zorro Rosa, a parody of a close French relative of Diego de la Vega, who replaces him, while he travels to Spain. There are also the more recent ones with Antonio Banderas, The Mask of Zorro and 2005’s Legend of Zorro

Zorro’s New Movie, Possibilities for Returning to the Big Screen

Zorro 2.0 will reimagine the character as a modern-day hacker! – Moviehole Image: Sony Pictures

The latest Zorro productions were in 1998 and 2005, with The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro. In the latter, we saw an ageing Diego de la Vega, played by Anthony Hopkins, train and pass the baton to Antonio Banderas’ Alejandro Murrieta, a bandit seeking revenge for the death of his brother.

After the end of this saga, there were many rumors about Zorro’s new movie for the big screen and comments from two of the protagonists of the previous films mentioned above. Even the film’s co-star, Catherine Z Jones, urged more women to replace her as the feisty heroine who fights alongside Alexander to free the people.

Another to comment on a possible film was Antonio Banderas, who said he would be willing to participate in a new production of Zorro. However, he would not do so in the old role of the main hero but as a new guardian who would pass the baton in the style of Anthony Hopkins’ Diego de la Vega.

There were also rumors of a new Zorro movie, a Sony production called Zorro Reborn. This film would show a post-apocalyptic character fighting to protect the survival of humanity, something different from what we saw in the other products. However, Sony cancelled the project and put it on hold permanently.

Diego de la Vega Series in the Works

Jön a Zorro 2.0, amiben Zorro hacker lesz - Puliwood Image: Sony Pictures

Although there are no plans for a new Zorro movie, Disney plans a series of this character. Ben Silverman and Robert Rodriguez produce this and will show a reinvention of the story of Diego de la Vega and his fight for equality in California.

About this series, there is not much progress. The production does not even have the script ready. However, positive news was the addition of a new showrunner, Bryan Cogman, the writer of the plot of the famous HBO series Games of Thrones. That could mean this product will finally get off the ground, the script will be ready, and the filming process will begin.

Disney+ will be the platform in charge of broadcasting this new Zorro series, and it will have ten episodes, according to the company’s plans. The number of episodes could change with the inclusion of Cogman in the writing team. There could be more episodes this season, and it could inspire a new movie with the character, as it happens with the Marvel plot.

Due to its smaller budget, the Disney series is the most likely production to happen, at least more likely than Zorro’s new movie. However, a reboot with new actors and including new characters to enrich this 1919 story is always possible.

Featured Image Via Sony Pictures

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