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Y: The Last Man Trailer Is An Unexpected Action Adventure Thriller

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BY April 15, 2022

One of the most critically acclaimed graphic novels is finally coming to screens in Y: The Last Man. It also happens to be one of the most troubled productions with casting and producers changes abound. At times, it felt like it’ll never happen. But lo and behold, we’ve got an official Y: The Last Man trailer, and it looks really good. But not for the reasons I was expecting from this comic book adaptation. The trailer features surprising bits of genre fiction that make sense now but comes off as a genuine surprise. And its story feels organic and overdue, and so very timely. So check out my thoughts on the Y: The Last Man trailer, and be sure to tell me yours in the comments below. 

Y: The Last Man: From Page To Screen

Featured Image via FX.

From the mind of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, the Y: The Last Man graphic novel had a very unique premise. What if all the men in the world were wiped out due to some unknown virus. All, but one? This is the basic idea behind the graphic novel, but one that plays out in very interesting ways over its 60-issue run. The comic book ran from 2002 to 2008 and was one of the best of its time. And it’s not difficult to see why. The characters are all women, attempting to deal with the fallout of the loss of half of the world’s population. The intricate politics, practicalities and complications of it all unfolding in a way that we’d never have to think about right now. A world without men. Oh the glory, but also the unexplained repercussions, was the crux behind Y: The Last Man. 

An adaptation of the graphic novel has been in the works for years. Even after production began, the series saw the loss of the leading man, who was recast with the current lead Ben Schnetzer, the series was back on track. Oh, and did I mention, the leading man of the show, is the only man in the story who seemingly survived. Why and how is also another story beat that drives the plot. And yes, go ahead and get the entire ‘only man left in a world of women’ jokes out of the way now. The trailer even takes a shot at it, so why restrain ourselves. 

Y: The Last Man Trailer Is Full Of Powerful Women

Y: The Last Man Diane Lane Image via FX.

From afar, it may seem like Y: The Last Man graphic novel took a story full of women but made the lead a man. Typical. But the trailer and the larger comic book arc is far from that perception. Filling an entire world full of women means that we finally get a genre reason to showcase how a society of women would handle the world crumbling around them. It’s one of the superfluous comments that men make about women running the world; ‘they’re too emotional, or ‘lack diplomacy’, that is always flippant, dismissive and extremely misogynistic. Not to mention, extremely rude. From the looks of the Y: The Last Man trailer, it looks like we’re finally going to get to see a world ran by women. And I’m absolutely positive that the decision-making will make more sense than the men-run world we live in today. 

The cast of the Y: The Last Man series is stunning. With Diane Lane leading the charge, we’ve also got amazing actors like Ashley Romans and Missi Pyle. Despite the graphic novel being out for many years, I’m curious about the fan reaction to this show. Recently, Kevin Smith’s He-Man sequel got backlash for being ‘too woke’ in the face of a woman character getting significance in the story. So I wonder how that part of the audience will react to a show where the story is about how the men of the world die, leaving only women behind. 

The Trailer Teases An Action Adventure Story

Y: The Last Man monkey. Image via FX.

The Y: The Last Man trailer introduces the main plot, while also showcasing some other moments that are genuinely surprising. There are elements of the show that look like it’s dividing the society of women, in interesting ways. There are also crazy action sequences that look incredible and absolutely stunning. The women in this story kick so much ass, and it looks like, in more ways than one. There’s an undercurrent of a spy thriller vibe, as well as an adventure movie with chase scenes and characters with multiple agendas.

Then there’s the mystery of why the lead Yorick is the only man still alive. What even caused any of this to happen in the first place. And a character in the trailer talks about ‘how to fix it’— which, how would you even begin to do that? The Y: The Last Man trailer teases the answer to all these questions when the series releases. And for their part, I’m absolutely excited to find out.  

Y: The Last Man releases on FX on September 13.

What did you think of the Y: The Last Man trailer? Let me know your reactions in the comments below. 

Featured image via FX 

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