Wonder Woman 2011 Pedro Pascal In The Warner Bros Series Pilot
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Wonder Woman 2011 -Pedro Pascal In The Warner Bros TV Series Pilot

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BY August 5, 2022

Before he was Maxwell Lord or Din Djarin, Pedro Pascal was a baby-faced actor looking for a break in Hollywood. For much of his early career, Pascal appeared in guest spots on a number of series. Yet, the young actor was about to see his life change when he ended up cast as a lead actor in a Wonder Woman project. No, we’re not talking about Wonder Woman 1984, but rather Wonder Woman 2011 TV pilot for a series about everyone’s favorite Amazon. Diana was played by Adrianne Palicki, who would later go on to play Mockingbird in Agents of Shield and currently stars on The Orville. Yet, before all of this, she was going to be a very different kind of Wonder Woman.

In all objectivity, this series was a bit of a mess. Diana had three aliases: Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and her public civilian identity Diana Themyscira. This Wonder Woman wasn’t necessarily an Amazon, and she killed bad guys with reckless abandon. A final act fight scene is pretty intense and Palicki’s Wonder Woman does come off as a badass. (She crushes a couple of guys between two shipping containers!)

Yet, in the wake of WW84, we’re talking about this series because of a character named Detective Ed Indelicato. A fresh-faced Pedro Pascal played a detective caught between, you know, the law and Diana’s one-woman crusade against crime that leaves bad guys dead as hell. In the scene below, she convinces him to allow her to torture a hospital patient. (Apparently the lasso was not so good at getting to the truth.)

In the pilot, Pedro Pascal played Ed, an ally to Wonder Woman but torn between helping her and, you know, upholding the law.


The Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot Had Potential, But It’s Good It Didn’t Get Picked Up

It’s probably good that David E. Kelly didn’t get into the superhero business, paving the way for Greg Berlanti and company instead. The story itself was too convoluted, with the storytellers not seemingly sure how to handle a super-powered lead. Palicki did an excellent job with what she was given. Her Diana is a different one than we’ve seen in the other two iterations we’ve gotten. She definitely feels like she has more in common with Oliver Queen from Arrow (which probably wouldn’t exist had this show been picked up) than Kara Danvers from Supergirl.

The entire pilot is difficult to find online, but you can find it. A copy of the full video is on the internet archive. The pilot is incomplete, as most of the effects shots are unfinished. You can see the wire rigs used by stunt performers during the fight scenes. The costumes definitely need work, though the first iteration (with blue pants and boots) is better than the final act outfit which is more traditional to the comics. Still, it does mark a noticeable shift at least in Warner Bros. Television’s attitudes about how to bring their stable of DC comics characters to the small screen.

Thankfully, Pedro Pascal got his shot acting alongside Wonder Woman, not just in the movie but in this unaired pilot.

What do you think about Wonder Woman 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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