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The Witcher Showrunner Promises To Address Geralt’s Disability In Upcoming Seasons

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BY November 14, 2020
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When people think of Geralt of Rivia, most don’t consider the Witcher to have a disability. He is a fighter who can take down giant monsters, and bed sexy ladies immediately afterwards. The rippling muscles of Henry Cavill certainly don’t do much to disabuse anyone of this notion that Geralt is superhuman, and beyond mortal aches and pains. However, the source material for The Witcher often paints a different picture of the hero. The books by Andrzej Sapowski often explore the toll that Geralt’s training and fighting style takes on his body. Now, showrunner Lauren Hissrich has promised that upcoming seasons of The Witcher will explore this aspect of Geralt.

Geralt Of Rivia Lives With Chronic Pain

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Hissrich is pretty active over on Twitter, where she often responds to fan questions and criticisms. Recently she retweeted a lengthy thread from a fan on the topic of Geralt’s disability. She says that she is ‘excited’ to dig into this area of Geralt’s life. Hissrich also says that she was wrong to brush off Geralt’s pain from the books, and now realizes that this adds new layers to the character.

The original Twitter thread delves into the importance of depicting Geralt as hero with a disability in The Witcher. The fan who wrote the thread is a disability advocate who draws evidence from The Witcher books. These passages illustrate that Geralt is not superhuman, that he has shattered bones and torn muscles that deeply affect him over the course of the series. Those long bubble baths that Geralt is so famous for are actually about soothing those aches and pains. Not to mention the dramatic physical toll that the Trial of the Grasses inflicts upon all Witchers. It literally changes their physiology, making them stronger and faster and able to use magic. But it does not make them immune to pain.

The Witcher How Much Bathtub Geralt Will We See In The Second Season of The Witcher? | Image via Netflix

The fan who wrote the original thread stresses the importance of recognizing Geralt’s disability in The Witcher, and the fact that it did not end his life. He is still considered a hero, a paragon of physical strength and might. But it is important to recognize that his strength comes at a great cost to him. By addressing these issues in future seasons of The Witcher series on Netflix, Hissrich and her team have a great opportunity to add depth and nuance to the character. Not to mention increasing visibility for disabled people everywhere who are doing their best to live their lives and fight everyday despite their pain. Just like Geralt does.

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