The Trailer For The Wheel of Time Adaptation Is Finally Here
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The Trailer For The Wheel of Time Adaptation Is Finally Here And It Looks Incredible

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BY November 17, 2021

At long last, a trailer has arrived for The Wheel of Time. Over the past two years we have been covering every scrap of information about the highly anticipated adaptation. We have covered the brief teasers, promotional photos, table-reads, and casting. And all the while we’ve been asking, where is the official trailer already? And at last, it has arrived. Some of us have been waiting 20 years for this moment. And it did not disappoint.

This Hero’s Journey Begins In The Two Rivers

Wheel of Time Trailer The Two Rivers | Image via Amazon Prime

The Wheel of Time is based on the legendary epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan. The trailer follows Moiraine –  a woman who can utilize the magic known as the One Power. She is a member of the Aes Sedai. This group is made up entirely of women who can channel the One Power. Once upon a time, there were male Aes Sedai but a dramatic event in the history of the world tainted the male half of the source. Now any man who channels the One Power is driven mad by it.

Moiraine journeys to a small town of Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers searching for a prophesied hero who will become The Dragon Reborn. While there she meets a group of young people whose fates will shake the foundations of the world. In the trailer we get a glimpse of these individuals, and hints of what will define their characters.

Symbolism Aplenty Gives Clues To Character Arcs

Wheel of Time Trailer Image via Amazon Prime

We see Egwene emerging from a pool of water, streaked with many different colors (and none). Perrin faces down a snarling wolf, and Rand puts an arrow to his bow. Mat holds an ominous looking dagger. The character of Nynaeve did not get much coverage in the trailer, but I do love the shot of her holding a knife to the throat of Moiraine’s warder/bodyguard Lan.

There are a few shots in the trailer that might be unfamiliar to longtime fans of the books. Among these is the very first shot where Nynaeve pushes Egwene off a cliff into a pool of water. This seems tied to the shot of Egwene emerging from a pool with various colors striping her face. Showrunner Rafe Judkins has confirmed that the show will delve into Egwene’s initiation into the Women’s Circle. This is an organization of women who run the Two Rivers, headed by a woman called the Wisdom. In this case, the Wisdom of the Two Rivers is Nynaeve. The many colors that paint Egwene in the shot of her emergence from the pool is some key foreshadowing for her character.

Who Is The Dragon Reborn?

Wheel of Time Trailer Image via Amazon Prime

One of the many mysteries that will be addressed in the first season of The Wheel of Time is the question that drives Moiraine. Who is The Dragon Reborn? This prophesied hero is supposed to be the reincarnation of a legendary figure named Lews Therin, a man who went mad after the One Power was tainted and caused a cataclysm that created the mountain/volcano called Dragonmount. But Lews Therin was also one of the most powerful Aes Sedai of his age, and his knowledge and abilities are highly sought after with the coming of The Final Battle against The Dark One.

Wheel of Time Photos Photo by Jan Thijs via Amazon Studios

In the Wheel of Time trailer we catch a brief glimpse of Logain, a character whose story will be expanded in the adaptation. He is a man who can channel and has proclaimed himself to be The Dragon Reborn that Moiraine is searching for. But when the series begins, he has already been captured and is on his way to Tar Valon (home of the Aes Sedai and their White Tower) for judgement. We see Logain use the One Power here, much like the Aes Sedai do. He also looks pretty mad already.

Wheel of Time Trailer Tar Valon with The White Tower in the foreground and Dragonmount in the background | Image via Amazon Prime

Channeling The One Power

Wheel of Time Trailer Image via Amazon Prime

All of this comes to a culmination with a glimpse of a dramatic battle against monsters in the Two Rivers. We can see Moiraine channeling the One Power. And the special effects of the weaves look perfect to me as a longtime reader. She calls down lightning as her warder Lan fights Trollocs around her. This shot was teased a while back, but it is stunning to see it within its full context in the official trailer for The Wheel of Time.

Wheel of Timie Image via Amazon Prime

The highly anticipated fantasy series is set to air on Amazon Prime on November 19, 2021. According to Amazon, a new episode of The Wheel of Time will drop weekly until the season finale on December 24, 2021. But never fear, The Wheel of Time has already been greenlit for a second season. Showrunner Rafe Judkins has confirmed that they are already hard at work on season 2.

We are extremely excited about the upcoming adaptation of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime. Of course we know this series has a huge world with a lot of history and characters to keep track of. So keep an eye out for our upcoming guides to the world of Wheel of Time where we give character breakdowns and history as we get ready for November. To stay up to date on all of the latest news, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!


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