A New Wheel of Time Teaser Gives A Glimpse of Mat's Ruby Dagger
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A New Wheel of Time Teaser Gives A Glimpse of Mat’s Ruby Dagger

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BY February 17, 2021

The Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime is steadily moving along in production. Although we have not yet seen a real teaser, or even key art for the series, there have been a couple of notable teasers released. This week brought a video teaser for Wheel of Time featuring a very significant relic in the storyline. Let’s take a look at Mat’s dagger, and what it means for the character in the upcoming Wheel of Time show.

A Journey Through A Shadowy Land Ends With A Dagger

The teaser opens with a close-up shot of a script that details the weapon in question. We see a long hallway that ends with a shot of an ornate box. Hands open the box revealing a ‘ruby-encrusted dagger’ (I have a slight quibble with the word ‘encrusted’ here because the implies multiple gems as opposed to the single large ruby on display here.)

We also hear a character’s voice over the image of Mat lifting the dagger out of the box. The voice says “All right, let’s make a deal.” This is likely the voice of Mat as well, although I don’t know what actor Barney Harris sounds like well enough to be absolutely certain. And the characters he is speaking to are too far too big a spoiler warning for me to discuss here. But the eerie music, off-kilter hallway, and shadowy halls should tell you that this dagger is both magical, and very dangerous.

Mat Cauthon And His Magical Dagger In Wheel of Time

Barney Harris Wheel of Time Dagger Actor Barney Harris Will Play Mat Cauthon | Image via Amazon Prime

The dagger and scene in the teaser actually appears to be footage directly from the Wheel of Time series. This is the first time that we have seen anything like this, and it is exciting to see on-screen. The scene being depicted here is a pivotal moment for the character of Matrim Cauthon. He is one of the young people scooped up from Emond’s Field by the Aes Sedai named Moirane (Rosamund Pike). He and his friends Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al’Vere, and Nynaeve al’Meara will all play major roles in a battle against the shadowy forces of evil creeping back into the land.

Mat is the trickster of the group. He is a bit of a rogue: charming, clever, funny, and a bit foolhardy. He is also – above all else – very lucky. That luck is no coincidence either, much of it comes from his interaction with magical artifacts and creatures. The deal that Mat makes in this scene is fundamental to his character arc throughout the Wheel of Time series. And it is far from the only deal that this gambler will make with forces he does not understand.

The Wheel of Time Teasers Have Been Showing Off Key Weapons From The World

Wheel of Time Dagger Mat Cauthon Cover Art for The Shadow RIsing by Sam Weber | Image via Tor/Forge

The dagger in the video is a magical artifact that dramatically affects not only Mat, but anyone else who wields it. It is a highly dangerous and ancient weapon that should not fall into the wrong hands. It’s a lot like the One Ring, but with less flaming eyes haunting his dreams. (More snakes and foxes instead). It might be one of the most famous artifacts in the Wheel of Time series. And that is saying something for a story littered with magical artifacts that all have distinct categories and functions.

Wheel of Time Dagger Concept Art for Shadar Logoth | Image via Amazon Prime

This is the second teaser video put out by The Wheel of Time production team that features an important weapon from the books. The last Wheel of Time teaser video we got featured Rand’s heron-marked sword. These items are not only important to see how the production design for the show is unfolding, but also to give a glimpse into the world of The Wheel of Time itself.

The Wheel of Time show is still due to premiere on Amazon Prime sometime this year. However, we still don’t have an official release date. Let’s hope that a real teaser for the series is on the way soon.

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