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The Wheel of Time TV Series Resumes Production in Prague

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BY June 16, 2020

The ongoing global pandemic has shut down all major film productions for many of our favorite shows and upcoming movies. Amazon’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Wheel of Time is only one of those. The series was filming in Prague in September of 2019, and was originally scheduled to continue through May 2020. However, the pandemic shut down production in March 2020 – leaving the show in limbo. Now reports indicate that The Wheel of Time will resume filming in July and August.

The Wheel of Time and Carnival Row Will Resume Production In Prague This Summer

Wheel of Time Table-Read Script Image via Amazon

The casting company for the series – ExtraFilms – confirmed the news earlier this week. They also indicate that production will start back up for the fantasy show Carnival Row. Both of these Amazon shows film on location in Prague. ExtraFilms has also put out casting calls for both series. Another tidbit of interest is that the upcoming Disney+ Marvel show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also in negotiation to resume filming in the area in the near future.

With travel restrictions beginning to lift in Europe, this week marks the beginning of free travel between most European countries and the Czech Republic. With the cast and crew of The Wheel of Time scattered around the world, it will take time to get production back on track. The series was set to debut on Amazon Prime in 2021, and there is no word yet on if that has changed.

Work On The Wheel of Time Continued Remotely During Quarantine

Wheel of Time Cast The Main Cast of Wheel of Time | Image via Amazon Prime

Showrunner Rafe Judkins has been very active on social media during quarantine. He has done his best to assuage fan fears about the state of the show. In a Q&A from March, Judkins indicated that production is complete for the first four episodes of the first season. Actors and crew were still shooting episodes 5-6 and prepping episodes 7-8 when production shut down. Rafe has also been actively working on writing season two during his self-isolation.

It would be ideal if production could begin on a second season of the show as soon as season one is complete. It would certainly help the series make up for lost time. The first season appears to be a highly accelerated version of the first book – Eye of the World. So it seems only natural that elements from the second book – The Great Hunt – could be woven in to the first season. Unfortunately there are still several major characters that have not been cast yet (as far as we know). This could also delay the process.

Here is hoping that the shutdown doesn’t delay Wheel of Time too much. Fans have been waiting on this adaptation for years. Hopefully it will still air on Amazon Prime in 2021 as originally planned.

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