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A New Wheel Of Time Trailer Reveals The Epic Scope Of This Fantasy Adaptation On Amazon

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BY November 17, 2021

The premiere of Amazon’s adaptation of The Wheel of Time is only a few weeks away, and the buzz continues to build around this epic fantasy series. We have covered the various teasers over the past few months, but now we have a full trailer from the streaming network. Let’s delve into this new Wheel of Time trailer and see what it reveals.

A Focus On Moiraine And The Aes Sedai

The trailer begins with a face that should be familiar to Wheel of Time fans by now. Actress Rosamund Pike is decked out in full Aes Sedai garb as the character of Moiraine. It opens with a woman’s voice asking her to swear her oath. And for the first time, we hear (a modified version of) the three oaths that all Aes Sedai must uphold. Moiraine swears to “speak no word that is not true. To never make a weapon that one person may use to kill another. And to never use the One Power as a weapon.”

That last part of the oath is worded strangely, and is a bit misleading. Aes Sedai absolutely can and do use the One Power as a weapon, but they are bound to only use it against Shadowspawn and agents of The Dark One. The actual phrasing of this oath in the books adds this addendum: “Except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn. Or in the last extreme defense of her life; the life of her Warder, or another Aes Sedai”

Standing Against The Forces of Darkness

Wheel of Time Aes Sedai Moiraine Channeling | Image via Amazon Prime

Following this we get a glimpse of a new character, one that has not yet been seen in the teasers or promotional images thus far. This appears to be  the character of Thom Merrilin. He is a traveling bard who becomes something of a mentor to a few of the main characters. It is unclear who Thom is speaking to in this scene, most likely Rand or Mat. But he is giving us some excellent exposition as he explains that the phrase Aes Sedai means “Servants of All” in the Old Tongue.

The Wheel of Time trailer goes on to reveal more information that fans of the books are already well aware of, but newcomers might not know. Moiraine mentions how the ‘old blood’ runs strong in the Two Rivers, and even goes so far as to talk about how The Dark One is breaking free of his prison once more. She directly tells the young people of Emond’s Field that one of them has the power to stand against the forces of darkness. But she does not specify who it will be. And in truth, all of them will have a part to play in the battle to come.

Who Are The True Villains Of The Wheel of Time?

Wheel of Time Whitecloaks Image via Amazon Prime

The new Wheel of Time trailer also shows off some impressive  looking Shadowspawn, with the beastial Trollocs and eyeless Myrdraal taking center stage. But they are far from the only villains in The Wheel of Time. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of the fanatical Whitecloaks – or the Children of Light. This is an all-male militaristic organization dedicated to rooting out evil and corruption. The Whitecloaks hate the Aes Sedai, believing that all those who can channel the One Power serve the shadow. They are extremely dogmatic and self-righteous, viewing the world in stark black and white.

Wheel of Time Logain Photo by Jan Thijs via Amazon Studios

One more “villain” that the trailer gives us a glimpse of is the character of Logain Ablar. This is the man who we have seen locked up in a cage in other teasers and promotional images. The character of Logain is an interesting one, he is a male channeler who has claimed the title of The Dragon Reborn. He is often referred to as a “False Dragon” because although he can wield the One Power, Logain does not meet the criteria that the old prophecies stipulate.

It seems that by the time the series begins, Logain has been captured by the Aes Sedai. He is on his way to Tar Valon for judgement, and to be cut off from his magic. Although Logain is fearsome, he is not quite the villain that he appears. This is one character that gets an extremely long and well developed character arc, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out on screen across multiple seasons.

Some Brief Speculation Based On The New Trailer

New Wheel of Time Trailer Image via Amazon Prime

There is a lot to unpack in this new Wheel of Time trailer. So many characters and locations that can be glimpsed. But there is one important detail that I picked up on, that leads me to some speculation. In this trailer we see a fortress in the desert, surrounded by rocky bluffs. There is a shot of Moiraine and Lan entering an audience chamber, and a man whose back is to them. This man looks stylistically very similar to Lan. The guards also have a very specific symbol on their uniforms. This bird on the clothing of the guards appears to be the golden crane of Malkier. And this is something that is extremely important to Lan’s backstory.

What this tells me is that The Wheel of Time will be drawing from the prequel New Spring, at least at the beginning of the first season. This novel details how Moiraine and Lan first met, and how she bonded him as her Warder. It also tells the story of the Foretelling (a type of prophecy) that confirms that the Dragon has been reborn. This is what spurs Moiraine’s quest to find the prophesied hero. A path that eventually leads her to the Two Rivers. Given how much of the Aes Sedai we have been seeing in the teasers and this trailer, this confirms my long-standing theory that the series will begin far earlier than The Eye of the World. It will reach back at least 20 years before that story begins, to build the world of the Aes Sedai and elevate Moiraine to main character status.

Wheel of Time: A New Spring Cover Artwork by Jason Chan for New Spring

We are extremely excited to see the first three episodes of The Wheel of Time air on Amazon Prime on November 19, 2021. What was your favorite part of this new trailer? Let us know in the comments and join the conversation with Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.

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