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The Wheel of Time Show Adds Five New Cast Members – Including One Pivotal Role

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BY February 10, 2021

Amazon’s Wheel of Time show halted production in March amidst the ongoing pandemic. Now with some European countries reopening slowly, the series is back on track to resume filming this summer. Amazon’s casting agency – ExtraFilms – brought the news of production restarting. And they have wasted no time in hiring actors to fill some of the minor roles necessary for the first season of Wheel of Time. Today brought news of five new actors cast in The Wheel of Time. Most of these are small roles, but there is one very important character who has been cast. Let’s take a look at the actors coming to Amazon’s Wheel of Time show.

The Wheel of Time Show Casts Siuan Sanche – An Important Character In The Books

Wheel of Time Cast Image via IMDB

The most important role filled in this latest round of casting is that of Siuan Sanche. Siuan is an Aes Sedai who is a close friend and confidante of Moiraine (Rosamund Pike). She holds a position of high importance in the Aes Sedai hierarchy, and she goes through her own grueling journey over the course of the book series.

Actress Keira Chansa has been cast in the role of a ‘young’ Siuan. And Keira does certainly look very young. I have been unable to find her exact age on her IMDB page, but she cannot be more than 16. What is interesting about this is that the Aes Sedai are supposed to appear ‘ageless’ according to book descriptions, as a result of using the One Power. This means that a ‘young’ Siuan should not appear very different from an older Siuan. But given the language around Keira’s casting, indications are that she will not play a Siuan at a later age.

(Obviously we know that the casting directors for The Wheel of Time are not adhering strictly to book descriptions. Siuan is another character who is described as white in the books, and has been cast as a black character. I am personally all for diversifying fantasy, and have so far loved most of the casting choices. However I haven’t heard anything about the show not adhering to the ageless look of the Aes Sedai so I have to assume they are still working within those parameters for casting, but I could be wrong.)

Theories About How The Show Will Adapt The Books Based On Casting

Wheel of Time Table-Read Rosamund Pike | Image via Amazon

There is another conclusion we can draw from this casting however, and it is a theory of mine that I have held for awhile. It seems certain at this point that the series will open with a flashback to a young Moiraine and Siuan at the White Tower of the Aes Sedai, where they overhear a ‘foretelling’ about the Dragon Reborn. (Foretelling is a rare skill that certain Aes Sedai possess that is basically a prophecy given that the Aes Sedai in question does not remember afterwards. There are a lot of double edged swords that come with Aes Sedai abilities.) It is this prophecy that sets both Moiraine and Siuan off on quests to find this chosen one. This is the secret mission that brings Moiraine to the Two Rivers and sets off the main story in the first book The Eye of the World.

Reports have indicated that the first season of Wheel of Time will focus on Moiraine as a main character. This would fit in with that adaptation. This would also mean that we should see a ‘young’ Moiraine played by someone other than Rosamund Pike. However no casting news on that front has been released as of yet.

Other Minor Characters Have Also Been Cast

Wheel of Time Cast The Core Cast of Wheel of Time | Image via Amazon Prime

Alongside Keira Chansa, we have four other characters who have been cast. British actor Darren Clarke (Da Vinci’s Demons), will play Basel Gill. Gill is another minor character of some importance in the first book, and he is a friend of the Gleeman/Bard Thom Merrilin. He is also the innkeeper of The Queen’s Blessing in Caemlyn – the largest city in Andor where the series begins.

Izuka Hoyle (Mary Queen of Scots), will play a character named Dena. This character aspires to be the first female Gleeman, and she is also Thom Merrilin’s lover in the first book. Jennifer Preston (Britannia) has been cast as Mrs. Grinwell. This minor character is a farmer’s wife who gives shelter to Rand and Mat in the first book when they are en route to Caemlyn.

Finally there is actor Phil Snowden (Les Misérables), who has been cast as ‘Steve,’ which is certainly not the name of any character from the books. It is possible that this could be an original character created for the show. (I certainly hope they change that name if so) But more likely this is a more important character that the show wants to keep under wraps for some reason. Looking at the photo of Snowden, it feels like he could play wolfbrother Elyas Machera who plays a pivotal role in the journey of young Perrin. This is just a theory though, and we await further information on this character.

With production resuming on The Wheel of Time, there is sure to be more cast news coming our way. Stay tuned to Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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