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New Wheel of Time Teaser Gives Us A Glimpse Of Moiraine Using The One Power

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BY March 26, 2021

The highly anticipated Wheel of Time adaptation from Amazon continues to tease us with snippets of footage from the series. In recent months we have seen short videos highlighting some of the props. We got a glimpse of the famous heron-marked blade, as well as a teaser featuring a pivotal ruby dagger. Now showrunner Rafe Judkins has granted us a glimpse of the magical abilities in the series. Amazon has put out a short Wheel of Time teaser video that shows the character of Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) using the One Power.

Amazon Prime Teases Moiraine Using The One Power

The teaser gives us a voiceover from Rosamund Pike’s character Moiraine Damodred. It opens on her face as blue light flickers around her and a metallic sound effect echoes. She warns: “Do not underestimate the women in this tower.”

The magic in the world of Wheel of Time is referred to by several different names. Aes Sedai like Moiraine tend to refer to it as the One Power in Wheel of Time. However, it is actually made up of two different components. There is saidar, the power that women can draw upon. And then there is saidin, the power that men can utilize. In the history of the world, a great cataclysmic event caused the male half of the power to be tainted. Any man who wields saidin inevitably goes mad. Only women are allowed to use the One Power due to the danger of crazed men who could literally break the world if allowed to access their portion of the magic.

There has been a lot of discussion about how the One Power would be portrayed in the Wheel of Time show. In the books it is written as a very internalized thing. The people who can use the One Power often turn inward in order to access the pool of magic within their minds. However, Aes Sedai are often referred to as ‘weaving’ the threads of the One Power. And those who are sensitive to the magic can see these threads, whereas those who don’t have the ability only see the effects.

The Wheel of Time Teaser Gives Us Our First Glimpse of Moiraine

Wheel of Time Moiraine One Power Image via Amazon Prime

This teaser may not give us the clearest view of how Moiraine is weaving the One Power, since it is entirely a close-up shot. But the intense concentration on her face, along with the closed eyes that pop open to reveal a startling blue is very effective. Above all else, what this teaser truly gives us is a glimpse of what Moiraine will look like in the Wheel of Time series. Rosamund Pike’s short blonde hair has been covered by a long dark wig, as per Moiraine’s character description. I’m also into her chunky hoop earrings. What is missing from this look is Moiraine’s jeweled circlet (or kesiera) with a blue gem dangling in the middle of her forehead. Fans of the books know that this gemstone is more than just decoration, it also helps Moiraine eavesdrop on important conversations.

Wheel of Time Moiraine One Power Image via Tor/Forge

Another important thing that this teaser gives us is the single line of dialogue. Who is Moiraine warning not to underestimate the women of the tower? That is unclear, although we could certainly make some educated guesses based on our knowledge of the books. But we definitely know which women and tower she is referring to. As an Aes Sedai, Moiraine’s home is a large white tower located in the city Tar Valon. This is the homebase for the Aes Sedai. Where the novices live and train under their leader who holds the title of The Amyrlin Seat. The women of the tower are of course the Aes Sedai. They are the magic users who have held the world together in the ages since the last Breaking of the World.

Rosamund Pike Brings Moiraine To Life In Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time Table-Read Rosamund Pike | Image via Amazon

Pike is currently at work filming the series. But she also recently picked up a Golden Globe for her role in the Netflix film I Care A Lot. Pike is one of the biggest names attached to the fantasy series, but she is joined in Wheel of Time by GoT alum Michael McElhatton and a cast of relative newcomers who will play the pivotal characters from Emond’s Field.

There is no official release date for Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime as of yet. However, showrunner Rafe Judkins recently confirmed that an official trailer will be coming on May 15. Hopefully it will reveal a premiere date, as the first season is still slated to air in 2021 on Amazon Prime. Of course we will keep you updated on all of the latest Wheel of Time news. Be sure to stay tuned to Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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