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Wheel Of Time Casting News For Season 2!

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BY December 8, 2021

There’s some new news about one of the best shows airing right now (this is an unbiased and correct opinion). The Wheel of Time has got a lot of things right, but one of the things it has been doing best is casting. There may have been a few tweaks to age and appearance, but overall the characters all feel like their book counterparts. And now there’s some new Wheel of Time casting news for the second season. Guy Roberts, Arnas Ferdaravicius and Gregg Chillingirian are joining the team as recurring characters for season 2, and we can take a quick look at who they’ll be playing. 

Adding To The Ensemble 

The Wheel of Time has, without exaggeration, thousands of named characters. With a cast big enough to fill a large stadium, it’s important to take a second to figure out who exactly everyone is because, again, there are a ton of characters. Roberts, Ferdaravicius, and Chillingirian will be respectively playing Uno Nomesta, Masema, and Ingtar Shinowa. 

Uno Nomesta is a grizzled soldier with one eye and a significant potty mouth. In the books, that means he’s full of that good fantasy profanity with such selections as “blood and ashes” or “goatkissing.” Matt had a similar lexicon in the books, but we’re still holding out hope they haven’t changed that too much. Nomesta is also important in the books for more than just his awesome vocabulary. He’s present for a few pivotal scenes, and knowing he has been cast means we’re more likely to see those next season, which is a vague way of saying he’s an exciting character. 

Wheel of time Casting Image via Amazon Prime

Ferdaravicius is playing Masema Dagar, one of the characters that starts out kind of important and just grows from there with a pretty strange arc. He was also a big part of book two, which should be a part of season 2, though likely not in the order book readers are used to. Rounding out the additions is Chillingirian, who will be portraying Ingtar Shinowa, yet another grizzled soldier from war-ravaged lands who falls in with our ensemble after the events of the first book. There’s a lot more to say about him, but not a lot more to say that isn’t a huge spoiler, so we’ll just leave it at that and let information about the Wheel of Time casting grow organically. 

If you want some the latest Wheel of Time reviews, check out Emily’s spoiler review on the 5th episode “Blood Calls Blood.” 

What characters are you want to hear about casting for The Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime? Tell us in the comments, especially if your answer is all of the Aiel because you would be correct. 

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