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Westworld Season 3 Trailer Reveals A New World And A New Tone

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BY April 27, 2022

The Westworld season 3 trailer is here, and it’s thrown me down a deep rabbit hole of the HBO original series. And I am absolutely loving the fall! HBO’s original remake of a 70’s movie all but dominates all water cooler discussions during its airing. And since we’re getting close to the release of season 3, it’s going to be a Westworld kind of life from here on in. Season 3 rekindles that love for this show, while also taking us into a drastically different direction. 

HBO’s Westworld Deals With Artificial Intelligence, And The Meaning Of Thought

Westworld was a critically acclaimed and much-beloved science fiction western. It was a fictional Western world, designed as a vacation for those who could afford it. Robots provided authentic entertainment for guests who could afford this immersive experience. It was all fun and games until the robots gained sentience and started to kill their human overseers. You know, that whole thing. The film dealt with great ideas for its time. But HBO’s adaptation of the franchise took things much further with philosophical concepts about identity, the sense of self, consciousness and what makes individuality unique. Not to mention ideas of human experiences boiled down to moments of tragedy or joy or love. It’s become an exploration of the metaphysical, more so than just a sci-fi Western shoot ‘em up. 

Westworld Season 3 Trailer Brings Back Familiar Themes While Introducing An Entirely New Story

Season 1 of Westworld dealt with the gimmick of the park. A faraway world where robots make up the population of a Western country during frontier times. Guests with money come to live a life of fantasy, not to mention debauchery and hedonism with absolutely zero consequences. HBO’s Westworld also showcased the behind the scenes drama of the creators of this park. The power struggled between its founder Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and the nameless, faceless board of directors who now oversee the operation. As robots gained sentience, the true horror of this world became apparent. Season 1 dealt with the rise of these robots, and how they decided to fight back against the cruelty and objectification they suffered.

Season 2 focused mostly on the existing characters we met from season 2 and provided backstory for them. The story arcs featured how these newly independent robots wanted to live their life, outside of the park. The more action-packed season 2 worked toward this purpose as other fictional worlds were also introduced, and the story moved beyond the walls of Westworld itself. 

The Matrix Comes To Westworld

The tone of Westworld season 3 is drastically different than its first two seasons. The character of Dolores (Rachel Evan Wood), who is one of three or four leads of the show, is finally in the real world. The fictional Westworld is no more, as robots have found freedom in reality and Dolores plans to bring vengeance to it as well. The vibe and tone of Westworld season 3 looks incredibly familiar. And so I start making comparisons to The Matrix. We’ve got attractive people in dark clothing, wearing flawless sunglasses. Who are doing insane chases in futuristic cars, whilst blowing things up. Not to mention, calmly emptying entire machine gun clips in brilliant cinematic sequences that rival the best action movies. There’s also talk of a revolution and giant glow machine things. It’s The Matrix within Westworld. 

Westworld Season 3 Trailer Is An All Out War

War has been building on Westworld since season 1. But the cerebral nature of the show made me think that this won’t be the all-out kind of Armageddon features in other stories with artificial intelligence such as Terminator or The Matrix franchises. However, it looks like season 3 will be completely an action entertainer, with liberal doses of philosophical awareness sprinkled in for good measure. The Westworld Season 3 trailer looks amazing in its visuals, not to mention continuing the stories of all the characters we’ve grown to love, or love to hate. The introduction of Aaron Paul’s Caleb, who looks like he has a significant role in season 3, is exciting. While I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, I always felt bad that Paul never lived up to the hype he got post that series. Hopefully Westworld season 3 changes that. 

Westworld Season 3 Trailer poster. Image via HBO

There Are Multiple Westworld Season 3 Trailers

In an example of viral marketing, there are multiple Westworld season 3 trailers. A Reddit user MTC_Chickpea discovered 3 more ‘hidden’ trailers on a fictional site promoting the show. Through an array of jumping through a lot of hoops, the user revealed the trailers as unlisted videos on YouTube. The first Trailer marked ‘You World’ is the same as the official release, with a few new scenes, and different music. However, the killer trailer is the one titled ‘Free Will Is Not Free’, which is an entirely different trailer, focusing on Paul’s Caleb character. That trailer is the most intriguing as it provides an entirely different perspective on the events playing out in Westworld season 3. And it also makes me incredibly curious about Caleb, and his role in season 3. 

One Of The Westworld Season 3 Trailer Is A Robot/Human Rom-Com, And It’s Glorious

But the absolute best trailer from Westworld season 3, almost feels like a fan-made gag. But it’s not. Titled ‘When Caleb Meets Dolores’, this trailer is basically made like a typical romantic comedy. And it’s amazingly hilarious to see a show this serious, even attempt an official joke trailer. But goes to show the makers are having fun with it, and that things in the production must not be as somber and mind-numbingly serious as the series itself. 

Westworld Season 3 premieres on HBO on March 15. 

What did you think about all the Westworld season 3 trailers? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via HBO. 


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