Wednesday TV Series Is Full Of Tim Burton's Easter Eggs
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Wednesday Series Is Full Of Tim Burton’s Easter Eggs

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BY November 27, 2022

The Wednesday TV series recently premiered on the Netflix platform, showcasing a new take on the Addams family. In the beginning, we see how Morticia and Gomez seek to enroll the protagonist in a new academy (the eighth in 5 years). This change is due to her psychic powers, and she does not control her behavior with the other students, including her brother.

Tim Burton was in charge of developing the Wednesday TV series. This spin-off for Netflix where he contributed his touch, in some cases subtle and others not so much. We could see references to films previously directed by the filmmaker. In fact, if you look closely, you can find references linked to other films related to The Adams Family.

The filmmaker placed several Easter Egg references in the series so you could find them. We found several, some from the movie Sleepy Hollow and the production The Addams Family 2. I’m sure more eggs are waiting for you to find.

Tim Burton’s Easter Eggs on Wednesday TV Series

Tim Burton will be at Wednesday's Premiere Image: Georges Biard/Netflix

Netflix premiered the Wednesday TV series on Nov. 23, starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. In the first chapters, the family moves to a new school called Nevermore to enroll the main character. This change is because she had been expelled from school for torturing some young boys. These boys had tied up her brother, placed an apple in his mouth, and locked him in his locker.

This first episode of the Wednesday TV series shows how the new school accepts her as a student. In the new town, we can appreciate several references to the animated series and the original movies of this franchise. For example, the stores like the flower shop and the bakery are the ones that were in the animated series of the 90s.


Beetlejuice Image: Beetlejuice


Another Easter Egg that we found on Wednesday is related to Beetlejuice. In the TV series, we can see a reduced head of the character in the office of director Weems.

These are not the only references that Burton left. In fact, in an interview Scruton gave Variety, he said that there were other mentions of Burton’s work in a very disguised way. The example he gave was the Weathervanes coffee shop we see in the Wednesday TV series, where several weather vanes are attached to the wall. He pointed out that if you look at the shape, one is shaped like the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow. Another reference is Willy Wonka, showing the character’s hat.

Wednesday Image: Netflix

Other references we found on productions of The Addams Family, are related to the Pilgrim World theme park. This is a wink or reference to Camp Chippewa, which Wednesday and his brother were forced to go to. They hated it so much that they started a riot and burned it. 

What We Know About Wednesday

addams family wednesday on netflix Image: Netflix

If you haven’t seen the rest of the Wednesday TV series, we warn you of possible spoilers before continuing. In the plot, we have the main character trying to master her psychic powers while going to Nevermore Academy. She is trying to clear her family’s name of a murder they never committed.

For that reason, Wednesday starts an investigation on her own, which will be the central thread of the TV series. However, what she discovers is much bigger than she expected. He becomes aware of a secret society that acts under the shadows within the academy where he studies. 

Wednesday TV Series Image: Netflix

We will also see how Wednesday deals with what she hates the most, normal people. A reference to this is seen in the first scenes of the series when Wednesday compliments her mother for her patience. This praise is said because she discovers how her roommate was in this academy.

As for the character of the Wednesday TV series, we will see her asocial attitude and her little sense of guilt. Also, how the protagonist practices with her bow, which is another reference from the animated saga. This is another reference since it was her favorite sport. She also practiced it by tying up her brother and shooting the apple in his mouth.

For now Wednesday TV series has eight chapters in total, keeping the gloomy scenario that always gives us the Addams family. In these installments, we will see how he adapts to the new academy and develops his powers. We will have to wait to see if he controls them and, most importantly, if he manages to solve the riddles of the town.

You can take advantage and have fun in these episodes looking for more Easter Eggs left by Burton. We already mentioned several, but surely the filmmaker left several that are hard to find.   

Featured Image Via Netflix 


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