Watchmen Premiere Date & New Look at Mysterious Sequel Series
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Watchmen Premiere Date and New Look at Mysterious Sequel Series

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BY February 11, 2021

Since HBO announced the new series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s seminal comic series, fans wondered when they could see it. Showrunner Damon Lindelof finally revealed the Watchmen premiere date in the TV Guide fall TV preview. The show will debut on Sunday October 20, 2019. They didn’t share a time, but it will probably be at 10 p.m., the slot reserved for most of their marquee shows. Considering that this is a series helmed by Lindelof, whose The Leftovers stunned critics and fans, adapting one of the most recognizable comic book properties, HBO wants this show to succeed. Still, from his days crafting the tale of smoke monsters and others on LOST, Lindelof often shrouds his projects in secrecy. Yet, with the Watchmen premiere date about two months away, the marketing machine at HBO will overrule that instinct.

Lindelof Still Won’t Confirm Jeremy Irons Plays Ozymandias

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One of the earliest bits of news about the Watchmen series we got was that Jeremy Irons was cast as the character from the graphic novel, Adrian Veight A.K.A. Ozymandias. Yet, Lindelof still won’t confirm that Irons will play the “perfect man” in the series. Though, he did promise a “surprising” take on the character who may or may not be the person who launched a psychic attack on New York to end the Cold War. If that sounds weird, it’s worth remembering that for as groundbreaking as the history of The Watchmen is, it was also a very weird story. Lindelof promised that for as dark and serious as the trailer for the series have been, it will also still be weird.

He said:

“I want Watchmen to be accessible for people who didn’t have an intimate familiarity with the comic. I figured I’m probably doing my job right if everybody is equally confused by the pilot!”

The Central Conflict Is Not What You Think

Watchmen Premiere Date Image via screengrab

Along with the reveal of the Watchmen premiere date, Lindelof also revealed the underlying conflict of the story. In the original graphic novel, the Cold War set the stage for the conflict between the heroes. Instead of looking at conflicts abroad, however, Lindelof found his underlying conflict in a pair of domestic issues. The writer, producer told TV Guide that the world of the Watchmen series features “strict” gun controls. So much so, that even police don’t have unfettered access to firearms. Similarly, the issues involving police and civil rights play a big role in the story. In a new trailer, released by HBO Portugal, we see Jean Smart’s Lori Blake being a bit of a “comedian” about a suspect’s civil rights.

This series will be controversial. Whether the controversy comes from the socio-political message about cops and the community or its take on Watchmen characters remains to be seen. With the premiere date announced, the countdown to those answers begins. Tick tock.

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