Warrior Nun Remake: The Chosen One Made Fans Furious
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Warrior Nun Remake: The Chosen One Made Fans Furious

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BY April 2, 2023

From breaking viewership records to unfortunately being shut down too early, Netflix’s Warrior Nun has gone through a rollercoaster. Now, fans voiced their anger towards Netflix’s new show, which seems to be a wonky Warrior Nun remake. 

Is The Chosen One just a terrible Warrior Nun Remake?

One of the highly anticipated upcoming TV series include The Chosen One. Netflix officially picked up Mark Millar’s American Jesus trilogy American Jesus and decided to create a TV series adaptation.

However, despite many fans being excited over the fun show, there are ten times more desperate and angry fans who are still mourning Warrior Nun. The plot of the two series is pretty much the same: a teenager finds out they have mystical, religious powers to save the world. 

Therefore, although The Chosen One will mainly focus on battling Antichrists, many are calling it a terrible Warrior Nun remake. 

Whether or not this show survives the public criticism depends on the viewership. Or so we thought… Warrior Nun had broken viewership records and still got canceled. Seriously, do better in the next life, Netflix!

#SaveWarriorNun Raging on Twitter

Namely, fans are still angry and upset about the potential Warrior Nun remake titled The Chosen One. For those of you who haven’t watched Warrior Nun, it depicts the story of Ava. After somehow returning to her body after dying, Ava finds out her ‘call’. She became the leader of a secret nun group that fights demons on Earth. 

Similarly, the boy in The Chosen One will fight Antichrists on Earth. However, the plot isn’t the only thing that upset Warrior Nun fans. Namely, after reaching 30M viewers on the night of the season finale, Netflix still canceled Warrior Nun after season 2 finale aired. 

Netflix did not offer a clear-cut explanation as to why this happened. The problem definitely does not have the financial or the viewership root. Likely, it was the fact that the show ‘deviated’ from the main topic to focus on character development, and Netflix creators didn’t like this. 

However, the public outcry for #SaveWarriorNun got 1M additional tweets when fans found out about The Chosen One, which seems to be a Warrior Nun remake. After gaining 13M tweets, thousands of replies, and even raising funds, the #SaveWarriorNun continues to make their effort to renew the show.

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