Two New Star Trek Original Series In Development
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Two New Star Trek Original Series In Development: Starfleet Academy And Section 31

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BY August 10, 2021

The Star Trek-a-thon continues with even more spin-off series based on one of Sci-Fi’s most prominent franchises. The latest scuttlebutt is all about two new shows set in the Star Trek universe, coming from the producer of many recent Trek shows himself, Alex Kurtzman. While we know very little about these shows, it’s still an exciting idea to have even more Star Trek on television. With the addition of these new Star Trek original series to the new movie that’s also in play from WandaVision director Matt Shakman, there should be a lot more Trek coming out way very soon. 

So Much Star Trek, I Could Cry!

New Star Trek original series Trek Image via Paramount Pictures.

In an interview with the New York Times, long-time Trek producer Alex Kurtzman discusses the upcoming plans for the future of Star Trek. Currently, there’s an upcoming season 4 of the new show that started this resurgence, Star Trek: Discovery. A spin-off featuring Anson Mount’s Captain Pike and Ethan Peck’s new Spock, entitled Strange New Worlds is also coming soon. Not to mention season 2 of the TNG sequel, Star Trek: Picard. And then there’s the wonderfully meta animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks which has its own season 2 releasing soon. 

It honestly feels like a sci-fi enthusiasts’ wonderland with the cinematic and TV revival of the Star Wars franchise and now a TV comeback for Star Trek as well. With news of a Battlestar Galactica reboot on its way, the only space remaining on my Bingo card of ‘Star’ shows is the Stargate franchise. 

New Star Trek Original Series For Young People? 

New Star Trek original series Section 31 Image via CBS.

Adding to this plethora of Trek, now there will be a new series set in Starfleet Academy. The Academy is like the college setting for this universe’s premier military organization. The futuristic society is possible due to countless worlds banding together for peace as part of a Federation. Starfleet is the military branch of that union that enforces the peace that is their foundation. Many of the Star Trek movies and TV shows have featured Starfleet Academy in some form or another. Many episodes were dedicated solely to that week’s adventures at the academy. With even some establishing the story with an early ‘school montage’. As seen in the Star Trek 2009 reboot. But none have been exclusively set in that Academy setting. 

Kurtzman reveals that the new Star Trek original series will be more for a younger audience. While I was initially excited, that bit of the news makes me raise an eyebrow of suspicion. Star Trek has largely been an all-ages affair, always skirting the line of a PG-13 rating. Discovery is probably the most adult-rated, with its minor swearing and some explicit violence and sexual content. But otherwise, the majority of the franchise is pretty family-friendly. So specifically stating that makes it sound like it will be a teen drama of attractive college-going people dealing with the pressure of the Kobayashi Maru test, while also juggling love triangles. And even though I could almost sell myself on that concept, after reading it back right now, I’d be concerned about how it would all fit in the Star Trek universe. 

A Spy Thriller As A New Star Trek Original Series With Discovery Characters

New Star Trek original series Discovery Image via Paramount Plus.

The next new Star Trek original series is actually a spin-off of Discovery. Starring Michelle Yeoh, the new show will be about Section 31. The covert organization first appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as the branch of Starfleet that indulged in black ops that crossed all the lines of what the Federation’s founding edicts were. The majority of their adventures featured Alexander Siddig’s Dr. Bashir always getting recruited by Section 31 to go undercover. Those episodes always featured a James Bond vibe, and I wonder if the new Star Trek original show will have a similar tone. 

Section 31’s reintroduction came about in Star Trek: Discovery in season 2. The characters of Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) and Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) joined the covert group in the show’s second season. And now Kurtzman now reveals that the new Section 31 series will feature Yeoh, and possibly other characters from Discovery. Section 31 is the more interesting of the two new Star Trek original series as their covert nature can allow for many stories that could play with existing characters or concepts, without having to worry about continuity. The stories could always end with the events being ‘classified’, explaining why no other franchise ever brought it up. Similar to how Season 3 of Discovery ended. 

No word yet on when these two new shows will premiere on the Paramount Plus streaming service. 

How do you feel about these two specific new Star Trek shows? Let me know in the comments below. 

Feature image via Paramount Plus.

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