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Twilight Zone Is Canceled For The Fourth Time

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BY March 17, 2021

Some shows barely make it past the pilot stage. Other shows, like Maverick, which I mentioned in this piece about CW pilots, haven’t made it that far. So I guess that’s the silver lining to the news that The Twilight Zone is canceled. Not only did it make it to two seasons, but it also did so as the fourth incarnation of Rod Serling’s creation.

Okay, So Technically, Saying “The Twilight Zone Is Canceled” Is Inaccurate

The producers behind this newest version of The Twilight Zone have always had a difficult row to hoe. The original Twilight Zone is so beloved, so critically acclaimed, after all, that it would be intimidating just thinking about restarting it. And it’s not just that audiences or critics love it. Because of that love, so much of the original series has passed into our cultural vernacular. These include things like sending folks to the cornfield, a pair of inconveniently broken glasses, or the reveal that it’s a cookbook.

So when it came time to overcome all that history, unsurprisingly, it just didn’t happen. The people behind this new version never could pull it off. Critics were not huge fans of the first season, but neither were audiences. I thought Twilight Zone season 2 was an improvement, but just slightly. (Note: The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for the first and second seasons–70% and 65%, respectively–are confusing. But RT collected reviews from almost 90 critics for season one, versus around 20 for season two.)

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Perhaps that’s why the team behind it pulled the plug. Because despite the fact that network execs apparently wanted more, the showrunners declined. In a joint statement, they said in part, “After 20 unique episodes, we have told the stories that we wanted to tell, and CBS All Access was gracious in their understanding of our decision.”

Actually, They Canceled the Name “CBS All Access”

And of course, CBS All Access will not remain as such for much longer as it’s going to be rebranded as Paramount Plus. In fact, this announcement regarding the Twilight Zone‘s future was part of the bigger news of Paramount Plus’s future. Along with a name change, Viacom is revamping the streaming service. The new service will include theatrical films, as well as some new TV shows. The latter includes plans for a reboot of Frasier, as well as a spin-off of Yellowstone, that show I watch with your dad.

So what are you looking forward to on the new Paramount Plus? Share your picks on our social media or in these comments.

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Salomé Gonstad is a freelance writer who grew up in the swampy wilds of south Alabama. When she's not yelling about pop culture on the internet, she's working on a supernatural thriller about her hometown. Also, we're pretty sure she's a werewolf. Email her at [email protected]


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