TV series Transatlantic by Netflix Coming in April 2023
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TV series Transatlantic by Netflix Coming in April 2023

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BY February 13, 2023

After wrapping up major historical dramas such as 1889, Heirs to the Land, and the Empress, Netflix is excited to announce the release date for the new period TV series Transatlantic. Read on to find out what we know so far.

Anna Winger’s TV Series Transatlantic

Starting with Unorthodox, the collaboration between Netflix and Anna Winger is setting high standards for the future of TV dramas. Moreover, the two continue to collaborate in order to create the period TV series Transatlantic.

TV series Transatlantic Transatlantic by Netflix

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Anna. Having witnessed her magic whilst collaborating on Unorthodox, we’re already aware of her unique talent for turning stories into thrilling global hits. The combination of Anna’s creative vision and our ambitions for our growing European drama offering align perfectly. We’re looking forward to working with Anna and the team at Airlift Productions to bring their series to our members in Germany and around the world”, explains Netflix.

Transatlantic will be the first major project under the works of Anna’s production company Airlift. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the series.

Since the official announcement about the start of the production in 2021, the show wrapped up the filming at the end of 2022. In addition, both Netflix and Anna Winger confirmed the release date for season 1 of TV series Transatlantic is April 7th, 2023.

The plot of the TV series Transatlantic follows Julie Orringer’s novel The Flight Portfolio. It tells the story of Varian Fry’s travel to Marseille in order to help several aspiring artists.

Some of the familiar faces we’ll see in TV series Transatlantic include Gillian Jacobs, Cory Michael Smith, and Deleila Piasko. The cast also includes internationally recognised actors Corey Stoll, Grégory Montel, Ralph, and Amit Rahav.

Transatlantic Transatlantic by Netflix

Upcoming Netflix Historical Programme

Some of the most popular period TV series on Netflix include Bridgerton, Dark, Peaky Blinders, the Crown and Downton Abbey. Moreover, Netflix is working hard and continuously on several new projects.

When it comes to new period dramas which will air soon, here are some of the most exciting projects we know about. Firstly, Netflix viewers will soon be able to binge new seasons of the Empress, the Crown, and Bridgerton.

The Crown and Bridgerton take place in the United Kingdom, with the latter telling the story of the Regency Era. That being said, we also covered the details about a Bridgerton spin-off series titled Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. On the other hand, the Crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, with the fifth season covering Princess Diana’s tragic death.

In addition, some of the latest Netflix TV series which are period dramas include Kaleidoscope, Copenhagen Cowboy, and now Transatlantic. Moreover, Netflix’s drama Kaleidoscope is unique due to the mixed up episodes. These two dramas certainly blew our minds with several plot twists. Stay tuned to find out the latest details about Netflix programmes.

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