Total Number Of Episodes For WandaVision May Be More Than Expected
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Total Number Of Episodes For WandaVision May Be More Than We Originally Thought

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BY May 20, 2022

Since Spider-Man: Far From Home put a capstone on Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga, we’ve not heard much from them. Yes, Agents of SHIELD is currently airing its final season, but that show has been doing its own thing compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it doesn’t really count. They are wrapping up an era, while Kevin Feige looks to take the MCU into Phase 4 and beyond. A big part of that are the limited series airing on Disney+ starring characters from the film. We’ve been told these will be about six episodes long, probably running under an hour each like The Mandalorian. Yet, the total number of episodes for WandaVision may exceed six episodes according to a new report.

This is not the first time a rumor about a Marvel Cinematic Universe series being longer than originally thought. During an interview in the run-up to the debut of the final Agents of SHIELD season, Clark Gregg mentioned that he’d like to do a Disney+ series if given the opportunity. He said that Tom Hiddleston, whose own Loki series is forthcoming, mentioned doing twelve episodes. Whether this is an extension of the first season, a back-to-back filming of a second season, or just a mistake on Gregg’s part is unknown.

Still, this new report suggests that the total number of WandaVision episodes will be, at least, nine. Though, it’s possible they’ve decided to do a back-to-back renewal for a season 2 for that series as well. Only time will tell.

The Total Number of WandaVision Episodes Remains Unconfirmed

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The total number of WandaVision episodes has not been officially confirmed at the time of this writing. Even the idea that the series would run six episodes comes from reports and rumors. The latest report comes from Lizzie Hill, who discovered the résumé of a stuntperson who claims to have worked on the series. The unnamed stunt performer lists “non-descript stunts” for WandaVision episode 109. This means it was the ninth episode of the first season, hence “109.” Non-descript stunts could mean anything from being a faceless goon pummeled by our heroes or some hapless bystander who gets struck by a car or smashed by debris.

As Hill notes in her report, this could possibly be an error on the part of the performer. But, it also could mean that Marvel Studios and Disney+ extended their series orders, especially after the success of The Mandalorian. So far, Disney+ earned itself a genuine cultural moment when Baby Yoda broke the internet and melted our hearts. Could some Avengers do the same? They certainly hope so.

Again, Marvel Studios remains silent when it comes to official announcements for these shows, probably because everything is still very much in limbo. Yet, rumors suggest WandaVision is still on track for its December 2020 release. Though with the COVID shutdown, Scott Derrickson quitting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the film getting a new writer, and Sam Raimi replacing Derrickson, things could have changed drastically.

Thus, we are left to scrape and sniff at anything that remotely stinks of Marvel news.

What do you think? When will we see WandaVision and what number of total episodes do you think season 1 will hit? Share your thoughts and theories below!

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