Titans Season 4 Premiere Discussed By Showrunner
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Titans Season 4 Premiere Discussed By Showrunner

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BY November 4, 2022

Titans Season 4 has so much happening in its first episode. Have no fear, the producer might answer your questions! Titans showrunner Greg Walker explained a significant character’s demise in the fourth season’s first episode of the HBO Max drama. Titus Welliver’s portrayal of Lex Luthor, who was rumored to be joining the Titans, was one of the major new twists in season 4 of the program. Welliver joins a long series of great performers who have played Lex Luthor in live-action films, including Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Cryer, and Jesse Eisenberg, as the most recent Lex Luthor to be brought to life.

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Welliver played Lex Luthor in Titans Season 4 Premiere

The Lex Luthor persona played by Welliver in the Titans season 4 premiere had the title “Lex Luthor.” He desired a connection with Superboy for a startling reason. Lex wanted to spend time with Conner and help him be ready to take over his legacy because the episode clarified that he was dying and only had a few months left to live. Lex’s tenure with the Titans, however, became short-lived. They ruthlessly killed him off before the end of the season 4 premiere thanks to Mother Mayhem, one of Titans Season 4 villains. The fourth season started with an interesting angle.

In the Titans Season 4 premiere episode, Welliver’s portrayal of Lex Luthor had an unexpected motivation for wanting to bond with Superboy. The episode made it evident that Conner was dying and only had a few months left to live, so Lex wanted to spend time with him and prepare him to take over his legacy. However, Lex’s time with the Titans was brief as one of the new season 4 villains, Mother Mayhem, brutally killed him off before the end of the premiere.

“As you know, a fan of the show, play fast and loose with death on Titans. So, nobody’s truly dead. As I like to joke around, except maybe Hank unless we can scrape some of his DNA off the wall… I think it’s gonna be hard to bring him back. But other than that, yeah, stay tuned.”

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Welliver might return in the finale

If the program happened with Lex, whether it was this season or a future Titans season 5, it would be too simple. There is no reason why Welliver couldn’t return in the future, unless Titans season 4 was only granted permission to utilize Lex for one episode, with DC character rights always being a challenge for the TV shows. There are numerous methods for Titans to bring Lex back given their comic book roots. Since Lex is renowned for being one step ahead of his competitors, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had backup plans in place if he died. Even though Lex died brutally in Titans, it’s not difficult to picture future storylines revealing that he is still alive in some way, whether it be by cloning or through other comic book themes.

Given Superboy’s importance to the Titans, there is still a compelling reason for Lex to return and continue to play a part in Conner’s story, particularly now that he is beginning to understand his ancestry. Lex could only remain dead if Titans couldn’t use him in further episodes. It would be entertaining to have Welliver return for more episodes. This especially happens if the program ever gets to include Superman in this realm. Is the door open for Lex to return to Titans? Maybe. Future Titans season 4 episodes could hopefully start teasing if Lex is still alive based on Walker’s statement.

What do you think about Titans Season 4? Is the Titans series something you like? Who is your favorite character? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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