Titans Season 4 Episode Count Reduced As Filming Begins On Series
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Titans Season 4 Episode Count Reduced As Filming Begins On HBO Max Series (Updated)

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BY March 2, 2022

The last season of the former DC Universe and current HBO Max original series Titans was both satisfying and frustrating. It told a story about the Red Hood that is one of the better origins for that character. Yet, in the latter episodes of the season, the storytellers and characters made truly baffling choices that undercut the show. Still, a new season is underway. In fact, the producer for Titans confirmed that Season 4 is filming, but rumors of a reduced episode count have fans wondering if the series is in trouble at HBO Max. It’s been a rough run for Titans, starting as the flagship show on DC Universe only to be shifted to HBO Max and delayed due to COVID. The first season’s finale had to be redone as the second season premiere, meaning season 4 won’t be the first Titans chapter with fewer episodes.

But, in spite of all this, the TV-MA series focused on DC’s second-most famous team found a following of fans. For any missteps the show makes, the good parts of the story make up for it. The cast does a great job of bringing these characters to life, even if it is a different version of the Titans than fans might used to from the comics or cartoons. So, with fewer Titans episodes in season 4 is the show winding down or are they maybe just getting started?

Update: Boris Mojsovski, a director on the series, replied to a commenter on Instagram that the episode count for Titans season 4 has been reduced by one to 12 episodes.

Why Titans Got a Reduced Episode Count from HBO Max

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With Titans season 4 filming underway, fewer episodes might actually be a good thing for the show. First, it seems that the reduced episode count for Titans has little to do with the actual show and more to do with HBO Max. The new season of the series Raised by Wolves is currently debuting on HBO Max, and rather than 10 episodes like last year, this season is simply 8. The Peacemaker series is also eight episodes long. It feels like all of the originals, including Titans, will be getting eight-episode seasons for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, this is good for the show, I think. Titans season 4 only has to worry about filming enough story for eight episodes. A reduced episode count for Titans season 4 almost assures that we’ll get a tighter story. Some of the best moments in this series are in slower episodes, where we often get some nice character-building scenes with one or a few Titans members. Yet, these asides often are paired with episodes that take the main story off-the-rails a bit. For example, last year the Titans planned to surrender to police (it was a trap) only to achieve something in the story that could have been done by them simply not agreeing to turn themselves into police.

With a more direct path from start to finish, it forces storytellers to pare down the narrative. Scenes of both action and quieter, character moments will be more economical. And, if the storytellers want those scenes to do double duty, will be even more closely tied to the main plot. I would be surprised if Titans goes on much longer, but it’s possible that with a shorter season, the show can keep going and even build its own mini-shared universe.

Titans is currently filming and will debut, possibly in late 2022, on HBO Max.

What do you think? Are you happy filming on season 4 episodes of Titans is underway? Are you disappointed by the reduced episode count from HBO Max, or do you think it will help Titans tell a tighter story? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments below.

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