Titans Season 2 Trailer Promises Costumed Antics
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Titans Season 2 Trailer Promises Costumed Antics, Skips First Season Story Resolution

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BY April 27, 2020

Two weeks after fans at Comic-Con saw it, the Titans season 2 trailer dropped and showcased the costumed antics in store for fans of the show. What the Titans season 2 trailer did not show, however, was anything at all involving the massive cliffhanger the show’s first season ended with. If anything, this trailer completely spoils all that, robbing it of its tension or setting up an entire season that takes place in some kind of dreamworld. On one hand it’s a great trailer because it’s full of young people in costumes fighting bad guys. On the other, it’s not a great trailer because it doesn’t set up anything about what Titans season 2 will be about, short of “The Titans are back!”

The flagship series for the DC Universe streaming service, Titans has experience with controversy over trailers. The first ever teaser for the show highlighted both the show’s freedom with language and violence, but also Dick Grayson’s disdain for Batman. Fans were also upset that Beast Boy could only turn into a tiger and wasn’t green all the time (likely, because they don’t realize how expensive that would be). They also were upset about pretty much everything about Titans’ Starfire from her outfit to her origin to her power set and, sadly, that they cast a black actress in the role. Still, by the time the season wrapped up it won over most fans, despite serving as basically an 11-hour pilot. The team never becomes the proper Titans and the first season ends with strange cliffhanger suggesting one team member went dark side.  

What The Titans Season 2 Trailer Tells Us

Titans Season 2 Trailer
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After more than a minute of recap, the Titans season 2 trailer skips forward in time to show us all the cool stuff that will be coming up this season. We see Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy, dressed in an all-red version of the Wonder Girl uniform, and also get a look at Aqualad, played by Drew Van Acker. We also see Ian Glen as older Bruce Wayne (and not even bothering to hide his accent). Hawk and Dove are back, as is Jason Todd’s Robin.

We don’t see a Nightwing costume, but chances are Dick Grayson gets the costume fairly early on in the series. (Perhaps a gift from Wayne to his former ward?) Though in one group shot from the trailer (likely a flashback) we see him in the Robin costume. We see a bit of Connor Kent, Superboy, and Krypto the Super-dog, both teased after the credits of the first season finale. The larger story the trailer promises is that this season will be about the Titans strengthening their familial relationship and learning to become a team of real heroes.

What Does This Mean for Titans Season 2?

What we can glean from this trailer is that Grayson, Troy, Hawk, Dove, and probably Aqualad once teamed up as the Teen Titans in the past of this particular corner of the DC multiverse. They drifted apart as their mentors aged, with Dick all but abandoning the vigilante lifestyle. Yet, finding Gar, Raven, and Starfire and facing down her evil, demonic father gives Dick the idea to bring the Titans back together again. Wayne seemingly sends Jason Todd to work with them (or, perhaps, Todd just goes to them on his own). They will fight a few one-off bad guys, and we will get a third live-action version of Deathstroke. Though rumors we’re hearing suggest the classic Titans story The Judas Contract is being “saved” for next season. This is the mistake Swamp Thing made. When telling stories like this, any season can be your last.

The Titans season 2 trailer makes the sophomore season look a little more like the super-show people were expecting the first time around.  We shots of them striding heroically in their costumes. We see them kicking bad guys’ asses, and we see them huddled around a big sci-fi computer. All of the things one expects from a comic book story about a group led by the son of the World’s Greatest Detective. There are not a lot of character moments, which is suspicious, save for the fact that Grayson is determined the Titans treat each other like equals. They also don’t show us Superboy with the Titans, meaning he will likely be an adversary at first and slow to join the group. This makes sense. Because, when you have a god around, problems are easy to solve. Still, this season looks promising and full of fantastic superhero action.

What the Titans Season 2 Trailer Doesn’t Tell Us

Titans Season 2 Trailer
Image via screengrab

It’s very interesting that the trailer recaps the first season up until the cliffhanger, and then just skips past it to something else. Fans of the comics realized what happened when Teagan Croft’s Raven appears with bluish skin and a red crystal on her forehead. People who are not fans of the comics are probably just going to be confused. It’s possible that what we’re seeing in the trailer is part of some mystical reality hallucination like the season finale showed us. Though it would be a lame trick to do that twice. The other option is that the Titans beat Trigon handily similar to how they did in the comics. The question then becomes, if they were going to dispatch him so quickly, why not end the first season that way? Why set up a cliffhanger only to undermine it in the new teaser?

Likely, Trigon will be dispatched by the end of the first episode with Raven coming into her powers fully. Then we will shift gears from her storyline to one focused more on the team itself. The two most interesting storylines ahead seem to be related to DC’s two most iconic characters: Batman and Superman. While it’s possible Bruce Wayne just shows up in a few scenes to provide guidance or materiel, his storyline could be larger (and more sinister). There is also Superboy. A clone of Superman, it seems unlikely that the big boy scout himself wouldn’t check him out personally. Of course, they could just do the “Superman’s off-planet” gag to explain why he’s not around. It worries me slightly that I am less interested in the team itself than the larger superhero world surrounding it.

There are a lot of great films, television series, and comics out in the media landscape now. What’s worth your limited amount of viewing time is a question only you can answer. But, if you like superhero action but feel that the CW cape-shows are too TV-14, you’ll probably like this series. The first season appeals to the comics fan who enjoys character study as much (or more) than they do costumed dust-ups. This series appears like it will have more of the latter, but hopefully, without sacrificing too much of the former. This show has a lot of potential with no guarantee that we will ever get any more of it after Titans season 2 ends. So, if you like the characters or like superhero stories for adults, Titans is worth a watch. Check out just the new footage portion of the teaser trailer above.

What do you think? Are you excited by the Titans season 2 trailer or worried by it? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by sharing this article on social media!

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