Titans Season 2 Full Trailer Hints at a Major Titan Death (But Not the One You Think)

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BY August 30, 2019

With the second season of DC Universe’s flagship original series set to premiere next week, the streaming service released a new preview. The Titans Season 2 full trailer focus less on the action and adventure found in the teaser trailer and more on the emotional states of the characters. For fans who pay close attention, however, there seems to be a clear indication that the Big Bad of this upcoming season already killed a member of this group of sidekicks. So, while Dick Grayson tries to put together and train this team of misfit heroes, it seems as if the ghosts of the past haunt those efforts.

Also, worth noting, is that the Titans Season 2 full trailer similarly skirts past the cliffhanger the ended the first season. Last we saw of the Titans, Raven’s demonic father Trigon infected Grayson’s mind. At the time this seemed a questionable ending, making the first season tantamount to an extended pilot episode. In the marketing for the second season of Titans, we see Raven adorned with the red crystal that, in the comics, imprisons her father and gives her access to his power. This storyline will most likely wrap up in the first episode of the season, leaving the show room to get on to the good stuff.

The State of the Titans in Season 2

Titans season 2 full trailer Image via DC Universe

If the full trailer for Titans Season 2 has a theme, it’s emotional strife. We see Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson burning his Robin costume. Minka Kelly’s Dove tells him to stop some “crazy experiment” and threatening him. We see Alan Ritchson’s Hawk threatening to leave Dove if she doesn’t stop being a costumed hero. Curran Walters’ Jason Todd also faces off with Grayson, the two Robins about to come to blows. Tegan Croft’s Raven cries to someone over the phone. Anna Diop’s Starfire seems to not have tension with Grayson, but does seem to be in some trouble with a bounty hunter from her home planet. (He also calls her “your highness.)

We hear a bit more from Ian Glen’s elder Bruce Wayne and Grayson’s reunion. When Dick asks Bruce if he regrets taking in and training his ward, Wayne says he’d do it all again. Despite the tension that hung in the air during Titans’ first season whenever someone mentioned Wayne, it seems these two are on good terms. We also get a glimpse of Joshua Orpin as Superboy, who adopts the name Connor Kent. He also the best good super-boy Krypto with him. Chelsea Zhang appears as Rose Wilson, daughter of Slade Wilson A.K.A. Deathstroke, the big bad of the season. Finally, we see Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy near tears, imploring Grayson to tell the new Titans what happened the last time. She says that ghosts walk the halls of Titans tower, and we think we have a good idea who that ghost may be.

Titans Season 2 Full Trailer Suggests Aqualad Is Dead

Titans season 2 full trailer Image via screengrab

Drew Van Acker will appear in the series as Garth, the sidekick for Aquaman. Since the Robin costume went up in smoke last season, we can safely assume that the scenes with Dick in costume are flashbacks. We know that he formed the Titans once before, and something happened to break apart the group. This trailer reveals that Esai Morales’ Slade Wilson is why the Titans disbanded the first time. Since Garth only appears in what seem to be flashback sequences, it seems likely that Deathstroke killed him the first time around. Since we know that Donna and Garth were involved, him being the “ghost” hanging over the group makes sense.

The other huge reveal in the Titans season 2 full trailer is that Bruce Wayne apparently asked Dick Grayson to take up the mantle of the Bat. We know he’s searching for a new identity since Jason Todd is the current Robin. In the final moments of the preview, Dove tells him that “now is the time” to be “be Batman.” Of course, we all know the alter-ego Grayson will eventually adopt, but him weighing the idea of stepping up as the Bat is an excellent bit of drama despite us knowing what he’ll eventually decide.

Titans second season premieres on DC Universe on September 6.

Check out the rest of the Promo Photos from the season two premiere: Trigon.

Titans season 2 full trailer

Titans season 2 full trailer

Titans season 2 full trailer

Titans season 2 full trailer

Titans season 2 full trailer

Titans season 2 full trailer

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