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The Witcher: Blood Origin Miniseries Coming To Netflix Will Explore The History of The Witcher World

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BY July 28, 2020

Netflix is fully committed to exploring the world of The Witcher. A second season is on the way, ordered well in advance of the first hitting the streaming service. Netflix is also developing a standalone anime film called The Witcher: Nightmare of the WolfAnd this week they announced another Witcher related release with an upcoming prequel series. The 6-part ‘mini-series’ is titled The Witcher: Blood Origin. It takes place 1200 years before the events of the Witcher main series, and will detail a significant historical event in the world known as The Conjunction of the Spheres.

As the tweet indicates, this miniseries will be live-action. More in line with the Witcher show than the upcoming anime film. It promises to show us the origin of the world of the Witcher as we know it. It will also deliver an origin story for the Witchers themselves. This is an area that has not been covered by author Andrzej Sapkowski in the books that the show draws from. That means that this is uncharted territory for Witcher fans. Although the Conjunction of the Spheres is referenced often in both the books and the video games, it is still a murky area of Witcher history.

What Is The Conjunction of the Spheres?

Witcher Blood Origin Conjunction of the Spheres Image via CD Projekt Red

An ancient cataclysm that changed the world of The Witcher forever, the Conjunction of the Spheres is referenced in the Witcher books and video games. In Witcher 3 there is an in-game text about the event that describes the following.

“The Cataclysm commonly known as the Conjunction of the Spheres happened one and a half millennia ago. A cosmic collision of several parallel universes, this disaster left numerous creatures not native to our reality trapped here. For example, ghouls and graveirs, which lack their own ecological niches are simply relics of the Conjunction.”

According to Witcher lore, there were once three separate worlds for humans, elves, and monsters. The three never interacted or knew anything of the others, until the dramatic Conjunction of the Spheres occurred. At this time the three dimensions aligned. Rifts opened that allowed both monsters and humans into the world that had been ruled by the Elves up until that point. This inevitably led to the formation of the Witchers. Their primary task is defending humans against monsters.

The World of the Witcher Once Belonged Solely To The Elves and Blood Origin Should Show That

Witcher Ciri Image via Netflix

“The elves claim that humans also arrived on this world during the Conjunction. This occurred soon after they managed to destroy their own world. The elves claim that it was during the Conjunction that humans learned to use magic.”

The Conjunction of the Spheres also gives some historical context as to why the elves in the world of the Witcher have such an intense hatred for humans. It was their world first, before the humans crossed over from another dimension and conquered it. Since then, humans have brutally murdered and enslaved many of the remaining elves. Only a few pockets of resistance still linger. It is very possible that the second season of the Witcher will delve deeper into the Elven resistance. If so, then the prequel mini-series could set up that potential storyline nicely.

The Origin of the Witchers May Reveal Secrets

Netflix's The Witcher Trailer Image via screengrab

The order of the Witchers is certainly not what it once was, in the present timeline. There are fewer monsters in the world than there once was. But what did the Witcher order look like in the past? Since little is known about the origin of the Witchers, this is definitely a fertile ground for stories. Who was the first Witcher? Where did humans learn the magic that can change men into Witchers? Will we get an explanation of where the individual schools came from? Needless to say, there is a lot to explore in the history of the Witcher world. And many new stories that can be told.

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