The Walking Dead Spinoff Release Dates Revealed
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The Walking Dead’s multiple Spinoff Release Dates Revealed

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BY January 11, 2023

It is the zombie series that best captured the public’s attention. With 11 seasons and 177 episodes, it became a global phenomenon. Although the original series officially ended in November, The Walking Dead will have two new spinoffs this year, 2023.

AMC wants to show the different scenarios of the world with the zombie attack. Especially the post-apocalyptic state in which the population lives. That’s why we will have two spinoffs of The Walking Dead this new year. Each already has a confirmed release date and an exclusive and exotic location.

The Walking Dead Two New Spinoff For 2023

TWD Dead City Image: amcthewalkingdead (Instagram)

In a new announcement, AMC declared the start of several spinoffs of The Walking Dead. Whether it be recent seasons or even new series that will soon be available, the vast majority will be available for this new year 2023, which may imply that this year that just started will be quite good and moving for the franchise.

Besides these two new spinoffs, we will have the end of Fear the Walking Dead. This Walking Dead universe spinoff series will premiere its eighth and final season. This is divided into two parts of 6 chapters each. The first premieres on May 14, 2023, and the last part will be broadcast later this year. In the beginning, we will see how the protagonists will be under the orders of PADRE and will seek a way out of his control.

Another spinoff saga that will begin this year will be The Walking Dead: Dead City. This one had been announced with another name, Isle of the Dead. About the plot, it will only take place in New York City after the incident with the zombies. The series will star Zeljko Ivanek, Gaius Charles, Karina Ortiz, Jonathan Higginbotham, and Mahina Napoleon. It will begin airing in July of this year.

We will go to the old continent with The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. In this one, we will see Norman Reedus’s Daryl, who is in France and by all means tries to get out alive and return home. This is expected for the end of this year 2023.

It is also known that we will have a spinoff of this franchise for the beginning of 2024. It has no confirmed name, but it is known that it will star Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira’s Michonne.

A zombie Series that Never Ends

The Walking Dead Spinoff Image via AMC

Although the first series already ended with 11 seasons, Fear the Walking Dead began with eight years of duration. This series will also end this year, and AMC is still creating new series that can continue to satisfy the public, who, with their support, made this one of the most-watched franchises.

For now, we have three new series confirmed by this company with tentative release dates. However, there will likely continue to be more releases as long as the rating of this one is high. The reality is that The Walking Dead has many fans, and if the spinoffs are successful, more will come out.

WAlking Dead: World Beyond PRomo Photo Image by Sarah Shatz via AMC

An example of this is the first season of the original saga. This installment had more than 6 million views. This success led to a second season that reached 9 million users who enjoyed these adventures. The third also showed an increase, with numbers close to 12.4 million viewers; the fourth was over 15 million users.

Despite the end of the first series, The Walking Dead’s popularity continues to be present. Its interesting plot, full of action, suspense, and romance has millions of fans worldwide gripped. Now The Walking Dead will offer different world perspectives with this new spinoff series. We will see what happened after the apocalypse, although only in New York and France. So other cities can still be attacked by the living dead. These scenarios could be a good excuse for future spinoffs of The Walking Dead

Featured Image Via AMC


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