The Third Sister Inquisitor - Is She a Youngling?
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The Third Sister Inquisitor – Is She a Youngling?

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BY October 5, 2022
One of the most intriguing characters in the new Kenobi TV series is The Third Sister inquisitor. So far, we know that she was a former Jedi or at least someone who uses the Force. However, there are mounting rumors about her real identity. Who was she before becoming an Inquisitor? Spoilers ahead for episodes 1 and 2 of Kenobi!

What happened in Kenobi?

The Third Sister Inquisitor Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

At the very start of episode 1 of Kenobi, we see the effect that Order 66 has on the Jedi Temple. Clones slaughter Jedi, both younglings and Masters alike. Previously, we assumed that the Clones killed all of the Jedi in the Temple. However, the writers made it clear that a small group of Younglings managed to escape Palpatine’s wrath. One of the Masters sacrifices herself so they can get away.

Later in the episode, we see another escaped Jedi named Nari. As these later scenes are set 10 years after the opening one, he may be one of the escaped Jedi. Unfortunately, The Third Sister inquisitor and the other Inquisitors savagely kill Nari. This demonstrates how much danger Jedis and Force users are in at the time of the show.

However, although it might seem like a little murder, Nari’s death may help to set the scene for another character’s identity. After all, Nari states to Kenobi that there are “too many Jedi” left alive for the Empire to slaughter them all. Who could one of the other surviving Jedi be – The Third Sister inquisitor, of course.

Who is The Third Sister inquisitor?

The Third Sister Inquisitor Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

During one of the first shots of The Third Sister inquisitor, known as Reva, we see that she is a cruel and violent individual. She is part of the Imperial Inquisition. Their main aim is to kill any surviving Jedi left in the galaxy, with no remorse. However, she appears to be a little different from her colleagues. Whereas they are hunting Jedi without discrimination, the Third Sister is specifically looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In fact, she even kills the Grand Inquisitor because he gets in the way of this task! Since the Imperial Inquisitors all report to Vader directly, it’s unlikely that she’s been given a special task from him. So what other reason could The Third Sister inquisitor have for killing Kenobi?

In the beginning, the younglings that escape the Temple appear to be aged around the same age as Leia – ten years old. Since the scenes with Nari take place ten years later, that would make these younglings approximately 20 years old. As such, it’s not hard to see that Reva could be this age. Similarly, the show made it clear that many of the Inquisitors worked with the Jedi before Order 66. In fact, the Grand Inquisitor was part of the Temple Guards!

Why does The Third Sister inquisitor want Kenobi?

The Third Sister Inquisitor Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

If The Third Sister inquisitor was one of the escaped younglings, it would make sense why she’s targeting Obi-Wan Kenobi. After all, he is partly responsible for Anakin’s downfall, which helped set Order 66 into motion. Reva could be blaming Kenobi for the loss of her Jedi Master and other members of the Jedi. She might be hunting him as a way to come to terms with her past. Also, Reva might see Kenobi’s escape as being cowardly after she saw so many other Jedi die.

Similarly, she knows that Darth Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker. According to the comics and wider universe material, this is not very well-known. In fact, most people in the galaxy believe that Anakin died during the Purge. So, the fact that The Third Sister inquisitor knows Vader’s secret is quite telling. Clearly, she has a close relationship with Vader. Perhaps he inspired his own hatred for Kenobi in this possible apprentice.

Additionally, she also spoke about accessing the Jedi Archives to find out about Bail Organa’s relationship with Obi-Wan. This is something only a former Jedi would know about. So, maybe Vader set The Third Sister inquisitor up to kill Kenobi for him while he is recovering in the bacta tank.

However, it’s unlikely that we’ll find out who Reva is just yet. We can expect Disney to reveal all the secrets about The Third Sister inquisitor in future episodes. Stay tuned to ComicYears for the latest Kenobi rumors and news.

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