The Nevers Official Teaser Is About Victorian-Era Women With Abilities
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HBO’s The Nevers Official Teaser Is All About Victorian Era Women With Superpowers

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BY February 7, 2021

HBO’s The Nevers is a brand new series coming from the mind of Joss Whedon. It’s a return to form for the creative filmmaker responsible for some of the most innovative content on television. Whedon is the man behind the iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as well as bringing the live-action Avengers to the big screen in the MCU. He’s carved out a niche for himself by creating strong female characters who are adept at kicking ass, in shows like Firefly, Dollhouse, and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. And with the release of The Nevers official teaser, It looks like Whedon is at it again, and I can’t be more excited for it. 

Separating Joss Whedon From The Nevers

The Nevers Official teaser Fire. Image via HBO Max.

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Despite me singing his praises a few sentences ago, Whedon has turned out to be quite problematic. Beginning with accusations from his ex-wife of emotional and mental abuse, Whedon has had a rough few years. Following those accusations, his version of a Wonder Woman script leaked online, much to everyone’s dismay at the blatant male gaze with which he describes the iconic comic book character. 

Things kept piling up as the actor who played Cyborg leveled accusations at Whedon for his behavior on set when he took over Justice League from Zack Snyder. The war of words has mostly been between WB and Ray Fisher. The specific words used were ‘gross’ and ‘unprofessional’. Coincidentally, or not, following the official investigation into those claims, Joss Whedon abruptly leaves The Nevers. This show was something he was working on for a while and would mark his triumphant return to TV, with the kind of content he popularized. However, his abrupt departure, somewhat marred excitement for The Nevers, however slightly. 

But, as someone very excited for this show, more so after The Nevers official teaser, I’ve made a decision. It’s entirely possible to enjoy and revel in the product that is The Nevers, while also separating whatever alleged wrongdoing there was on Whedon’s part. It’s possible to praise and elevate the collaborative efforts of many others in the show, of which Whedon had a part, without condoning his alleged behavior.  

The Nevers Official Teaser Is Exactly What You Would Expect. And More

The Nevers Official teaser girls. Image via HBO Max.

The official teaser for the new HBO show is pretty awesome. The series is about a group of women in the Victorian era, granted abilities and powers after an incident. Given the period setting, others view their abilities as afflictions, which definitely reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials. But things progress as it looks like others also have their abilities because where there are good guys with powers, there will be bad guys with powers. So the women seem to band together to fight this common enemy? The Nevers official teaser is a little light on the story, but that’s normal given it’s just a teaser. 

What’s on display is the dry and witty humor, juxtaposed with the jaw-dropping action sequences. There is a bit of a novelty seeing women of that certain time throwing down in their big corset dresses, but I think the show plays that for passing humor, more than exploit it. The visual look of the new series has influences from noir and steam punk, with its fantasy adventure vibes. Everything on display on the screen is pretty successful in terms of getting audiences excited for what’s to come. 

The Nevers releases on HBO Max in April. 

So what did you think about The Nevers official teaser? Let us know win the comments below. 

Featured image via HBO Max. 

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