The Mandalorian Chapter 14: The Tragedy Brings Back Boba Fett
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In The Mandalorian, Robert Rodriguez Gives Us The Tragedy Of Boba Fett The Awesome

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BY December 4, 2020

The first-ever character Star Wars fans saw in Mandalorian armor was none other than Boba Fett. However, over the scant few minutes of screen time he had in the films, he didn’t do very much. He stood around, looking cool, and then went out like a punk in the battle over the sarlacc pit on Tattooine. In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, director Robert Rodriguez finally made Boba Fett as badass as fans said he was. After Chapter 13: The Jedi, introducing Ahsoka Tano to live-action, I wondered how they could follow up such a perfect episode. Well, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, written by Jon Favreau, delivers on that impossible task, and it does so by teaming up the Mandalorian with Boba Fett himself.

We first saw Fett at the tail end of the season 2 premiere episode, a wordless cameo that I wondered if existed only to show he was alive. Yet, with the help of another familiar face thought to be dead, the original Mandalorian bounty hunter finally earns the reputation he’s enjoyed for decades. With fewer than seven minutes of screen time in the Star Wars original trilogy, Boba Fett is an iconic character in need of rehabilitation. Favreau and Rodriguez succeeded in that and then some.

Also worth noting, we finally get a canon version of Tython, the ancestral home of the Jedi used in Legends stories and Star Wars video games. We don’t see much evidence of Jedi settlement, but we do see the location that Ahsoka told Din Djarin about. Something definitely happens, too, but what it was is a mystery we likely won’t find the answer to until the last moments of the season finale.

Spoilers to follow.

Boba Fett Is Finally as Cool as He Should Be

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 the tragedy boba fett temuera morrison pedro pascal Image via Disney+

I have been a Star Wars fans longer than I’ve been a fan of anything else. My first movie memory is watching The Return of the Jedi in theaters. As an OG nerd, my controversial Star Wars take was always that Boba Fett is wack. I’ve spent (too) many hours debating with other fans that Jango Fett is easily the more badass of the two characters. However, this is no longer an argument I can successfully maintain. When Din and Baby Yoda Grogu arrive on Tython, they immediately find what they are looking for. As the child takes up his place on the seeing stone, something very strange happens. At that moment, however, a very familiar ship appears on the planet, Slave I. The Mandalorian tries to take the child and run, but Jedi magic prevents him from doing so. Thus, he’s forced to confront the new arrivals.

Both Boba Fett, again played by Temuera Morrison, and Fennic Shand, played by Ming-Na Wen, threaten the Mandalorian and Grogu. However, all Fett wants is the armor he took from Cobb Vanth in the premiere. We find out that the armor is indeed his father’s, just with a new paintjob. Later we learn that while Jango Fett was not Mandalorian by provenance, he was a foundling just like Din Djarin.

Instead of a fight, Fett offers the Mandalorian a deal, including ensuring the safety of the child. Before he can even agree, the Empire arrives. Shand and Fett immediately go into action, proving that they are two of the baddest-assed non-Force-using fighters in the galaxy. Eventually, Fett dons the armor and the sequence that unfolds is nothing short of stunning. Boba Fett is finally as cool as everyone said he was.

Alas, Poor Razor Crest…She Hath Borne Me On Her Back a Thousand Times

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 the tragedy moff gideon giancarlo esposito Image via Disney+

Like their comic book counterparts, Star Wars characters have a difficult time staying dead. There was a tragedy in The Mandalorian Chapter 14, but it didn’t involve Boba Fett or even Grogu. No, the casualty in this episode was none other than the Razor Crest. And this “death’ feels permanent. No sooner had Boba Fett shot down two Imperial transports with his fabled jetpack missile than a blast from Moff Gideon’s starship disintegrated the ship that was home to Mando and Baby Yoda. The only surviving items from its hold were the beskar spear Ahsoka gave him and the round knob that so fascinated Grogu since Chapter 3.

In the wake of this destruction, we saw the Dark Troopers from the end of Chapter 12 take action. Introduced in the first-person shooter game Star Wars: Dark Forces, these formidable battle droids resemble stormtroopers.  Four of them descended from the Moff’s ship and were able to capture Grogu, exhausted from his role in the ritual. They are able to capture him and return to the ship, which jumps away. The episode ends with Giancarlo Espositio’s Moff Gideon confronting Grogu, who exhausted himself using the Force to beat up two stormtroopers. Gideon shows Grogu the darksaber, and they appear to be off to meet with Omid Abtahi’s Dr. Pershing.

Despite his history working for Darth Vader, it appears that Boba Fett has no love for the Empire. He’s almost fearful when he tells Shand that they are “back.” Even more interesting, Fett and Shand honor the deal they made and promise to help the Mandalorian rescue the child. Chapter 14, The Tragedy, was anything but because it brought the Mandalorian and Boba Fett together in the most awesome way possible.

What did you think of The Tragedy? Will the final episodes bring back all the characters from previous chapters like in The Mandalorian Season 1? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories about what comes next in the comments below.

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