The Mandalorian Episode, The Heiress, Is What Fans Were Waiting For
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Latest Episode Of The Mandalorian, The Heiress, Gives Star Wars Fans What They Want

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BY April 28, 2022

In our review of The Passenger, the second episode this season of Disney+’s hit Star Wars series, we mentioned that it was a perfect episode. Tied to the larger story, it was a one-off mission with the Mandalorian and a new Star Wars cutie (who I’ve dubbed Frog Mama). The Heiress picks up where the last episode of The Mandalorian left off, with the Razor Crest limping its way to a planet. What then unfolds is another great half-hour adventure, but instead of new friends, Star Wars fans are introduced to an old one. As we reported, Katee Sackhoff appeared as Bo-Katan Kryze, a prominent figure in the final arc of The Clone Wars.

While this development is exciting enough, we also get some answers to burning questions Star Wars fans had about The Way. Given that we’d seen Mandalorians in canon before, the discrepancies between them and Din Djarin’s beliefs were great. Also, we get some insight into the other big cameo appearance we’ve been waiting for, though no clear idea of when we’ll see it.

The Heiress was fast-moving and felt somewhat similar to the third episode of the first season of The Mandalorian. It seems that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are taking George Lucas’ “each stanza rhymes with the other” ethos seriously. Last episode saw a showdown between Mando and a deadly beast. This episode deals with Mando making a new ally and fighting off the remnant of Imperial power, though the parallels stop there. Whereas that was a Seven Samurai homage, this is all Star Wars.

Spoilers to follow, so if you’ve not seen the episode, bookmark this review and come back when you have.

The Heiress Sends the Mandalorian on the Right Path for His Quest

The Mandalorian The Heiress Bo-Katan and Friends Image via Lucasfilm

When the trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian dropped, people noticed Mercedes Varnado, known in professional wrestling as Sasha Banks. Many thought she might be playing Star Wars: Rebels character Sabine Wren. Fans were close. Varnado played Koska Reeves, a Mandalorian working with Bo-Katan. Agents of SHIELD alum Simon Kassianides also baked up Bo-Katan as Axe Woves, another Mandalorian. These three spied Mando’s arrival, and appeared just in the nick of time to save him and Baby Yoda from yet another band of double-crossing aliens. (Also, RIP to the awesome floating pram build by Kuiil.)

For the first time, Mando met someone who has extensive experience with the Jedi. While Bo-Katan surely didn’t tell him all she knows, she did tell him (and us) enough. She sent him to find Ahsoka Tano, the character from The Clone Wars and Rebels who was once a Jedi but now serves the Force in a different capacity. This all-but promises that will see Rosario Dawson take up the role of Ahsoka. And, as far as we know from the end of Rebels, Sabine Wren will be there. (My money is still on voice actor Tiya Sicar playing her.) We also discover that Bo-Katan is looking for her property, namely the Darksaber that we last saw with Moff Gideon.

Finally, we got some answers regarding the Mandalorian sect that Djarin belongs to. Eagle-eyed Star Wars nerds clearly spotted the Death Watch symbol on the pauldron of the Mandalorians that rescued him. It turns out that the refusal to uncover their faces is exclusive to that group. While Mando doesn’t want to help Bo-Katan and company, he does risk his life to achieve their mission goal. It feels like seeds were planted for fans to start seeing Pedro Pascal’s face more.

The Journey to Ahsoka Tano

The Mandalorian The Heiress Bo-Katan and Friends Katee Sackhoff Image via Lucasfilm

After the defeat of the Empire holdouts, including a cameo from Titus Welliver, Bo-Katan told the Mandalorian where to go. She sends him to find Ahsoka in the city of Calodan on the forest planet of Corvus. If that name sounds familiar, it’s the name of the ship that Iden Versio piloted in Battlefront II. Apparently it was named after this planet, which is where Ahsoka is or, more likely, was. While it’s possible that we might finally see Ahsoka in live-action in episode 4, it will probably be a journey to find her. She and Sabine were looking for Ezra Bridger, who disappeared at the end of Rebels. Also, in finding her, much of the mystery about the Child will be answered. More specifically, Din Djarin will know as much about him as we the fans do.

That feels like the sort of thing that will be saved for the end of the season, with Mando following a trail of bread crumbs to the once-and-future Jedi. Of course, we also know that there are no Jedi left, outside of Luke Skywalker. Yet, we may end up on a journey to the planet where Yoda’s species comes from. Of course, there is also the problem of Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon and the Darksaber. We know a confrontation is coming, but how that fits into Mando’s quest to return Baby Yoda to his own kind remains in question.

Either way, Star Wars fans can be thrilled that, with The Heiress, The Mandalorian is making connections to the larger Star Wars saga. Also, in exchanging a “This is the way” with Bo-Katan, we see that Djarin might be softening on his zealous commitment to the way he was raised.

What did you think of The Heiress, and how soon do you think The Mandalorian will give us Ahsoka? Share your thoughts, theories, and reactions in the comments below.

Featured image via Lucasfilm

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