The Last Us Premiere Of Final Episode Breaks Records
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The Last Us Premiere Of Final Episode Breaks Records With 8.2 Million Viewers

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BY March 14, 2023

The Last Us broke its viewership record on the premiere of its final episode. Surprisingly, it broke the record while ABC was airing the long-awaited Oscars. For many, it is the perfect closure to a saga that started well and ended even better.

The Last Us last episode premiere had an audience of more than 8 million users. It thus surpassed its record of 7.5 million views for a premiere in episode 4 of this series. This makes it the second most-watched saga on HBO and HBO Max, behind The House of the Dragon, also broadcast on this platform.

The Last Us Premiere of Last Episode Breaks Records with 8.2 Million Viewers

Last of Us HBO Image: HBO

The final episode of The Last Us premiere was a huge success. This episode obtained 8.2 million views, breaking viewing records set by the episode “Please hold on to my hand”, which got 7.5 million users at its premiere.

Interestingly, the first season’s last episode premiered at the same time as the Oscars broadcast. Despite having such competition, it was able to get a pretty good result. Not for the first time, The Last of Us episode 4 premiered at the same time as the Grammy Awards.

The data collected by Warner and Nielsen made it possible to analyze how many users watched the latest episode of The Last Us. These were streamed in the evening on the HBO channel, and those views occurred throughout the night on HBO-MAX. 

The views The Last Us is getting are quite high, averaging 30.4 million viewers. The first episode so far has 40 million viewers registered on both channels. These numbers make this show the most-watched show in Europe and Latin America.

The Last Us is the Second-Best Program on HBO and HBO Max

Last of Us Image Image: HBO

This series is one of the best-performing programs on these platforms. The Last of Us premiere of the last episode was an incredible triumph. It is only behind the Game Of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon. According to data compiled by Warner Bros, this series was a success from the beginning and was on the rise.

For example, the debut of The last US with 4.7 million viewers who enjoyed its first episode. Its rating grew to 5.7 million views in the second episode and the third one to 6.4 million people. As mentioned before, the fourth episode reached 7.5 million viewers at its premiere.

The data for episodes 5, 6, and 7 were released recently and were relatively high. As for episode 5, this one officially had 11.6 million, although it includes three days of views since it had to reorganize its transmission due to the Super Bowl, which implies that all these visualizations correspond to three days instead of one.

Chapters 6 and 7 remain at values of close to 7.8 million viewers. Warner expects that these numbers will continue to increase and that this series can increase its rating. However, there is still a long way to go before it can surpass its main competitor, House of the Dragon.

With The Last of Us last episode premiere, it broke a record with the highest number of views in the saga. Does this open the door to a second season, taking into account the audience results, everything points to yes.

Featured Image Via HBO 

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